Lighthouse Tattoos

Lighthouse Tattoo On The Forearm

A forearm tattoo of a lighthouse using many colors.

While this isn’t necessarily a subject that is of interest to all, there are 1,000s of people who are regularly looking for information on this topic… lighthouse tattoos. In other parts of this website one can find information and details about any and everything having to do with lighthouses, and after a period of time it becomes obvious that lighthouses have a pretty strong following. It is not until you consider this area of the website that you notice there are those who love lighthouses so much, they are willing and interested in to make such an expression; one that is both public and permanent. Are you looking for the best black and grey tattoo artists? Visit this site to find more information.

Quite often we read about and see people who adore lighthouses and all things nautical, and there is evidence of this by the amount of time, energy, and resources that some put into visiting lighthouses in their local area and even in some cases internationally. There are others who purchase lighthouses for sale by the federal government and/or private parties, and there are others more who decorate their homes with lighthouse related garb. Yet again, all of these individuals are outdone by those who show their admiration for lighthouses by inking them on their bodies.

Quite often visitors of send requests because they are looking for pictures and ideas of a lighthouse tattoo they maybe they can get on their bodies. While there are no suggestions of the types of tattoos a person should or shouldn’t get on this website, above and below one can find pictures of different tattoos other admirers of lighthouses have received. Enjoy!

Lighthouse Tattoo On The Tricep & Shoulder

A photo of a lighthouse tattoo that covers the tricep and shoulder.


Side Of Torso With Lighthouse Tattoo

A man with a tattoo of a lighthouse on his side.


Back With A Lighthouse Tattoo On It

A tattoo of a lighthouse on the upp left side of someones back.


Below The Elbow Lighthouse Tattoo

A colorful lighthouse tattoo below the elbow.


Tattoo Of A Lighthouse On His Chest

This man has a lighthouse tattoo across his entire chest.


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