Lighthouse History

Lighthouse History

The history of lighthouses goes back more than 1000 years to parts of the world that some people find shocking that they have or had lighthouses, like the Greeks and Romans. If you came here looking for historical details about lighthouses then you are in the right place. You will find all the historic info for lighthouses from all over the world but it will take some time for us to cover them all.

The importance of both researching and understanding the background of anything… whether it a lighthouse, our country, our family, or even our own lives… is something that we can only understand once you have that knowledge. Such knowledge in almost every case gives additional meaning and value to whatever it is we are getting historical data on. With that said, always allow time to get as many history facts relating to lighthouses that you can whether it is at the actual lighthouse you are researching, or if it is here at our website or some other source. At times that requires you to take advantage of lighthouse lodging that a particular location offers so you can get all the details needed to fully understand the background. With that extra time, you can then make sure you take advantage of nature and wildlife that that is around the area and enjoy all of the facilities that the lighthouse has to offer.

In the near future we are hoping to setup a lighthouse slide show of all the different lighthouses we have covered here at the lighthouse inn, and with that the viewers can click which one they want more details about. After clicking a picture of the lighthouse they want, they can see the brief history write up we have put together as well as any lighthouse activity that we find out about as well.

It is possible that you are looking for the history of a specific lighthouse but we have yet to write about it, if that is the case… please contact us and make a request for us to do so… we would be more than happy to fulfill your request. Or if you have an experience that you would like to relate about a specific lighthouse, we are always highly interested in hearing various guest comments.

Lighthouse of Alexandria

The Lighthouse Of Alexandria

Andros Lighthouse

The Andros Lighthouse