Andros Lighthouse

The Andros Lighthouse

A close up photo of the Andros Lighthouse.

Andros Lighthouse Yacht Club & Marina situated on Andros that is a largest island in the Bahamas chain of islands. That area is very rich in wooden abundant in wet spaces, vegetation, rice fishing grounds. As Andros is a very lesser known island, so there are very few hotels available over there and this hotel is a very good stoppage for the yachtsmen. It is having 31 slip marine and is full of all the service facilities as they offer a visitor diesel, gas, electricity, water, ice, laundry, shower, cable TV, Dive shop, Bars, restaurant, etc. while visiting a Bahamas must do harbor-age. You are provided with the sleeping giant Bahamas now it is up to you that you are going to explore it fully or you are planning to just relax at the dockside.

Rooms and villas are available over there people can choose according to their convenience. The two varieties of accommodations are first, a standard room having one of the two things either a harbor view or a poolside view. Secondly, Villas that have beautiful floors with stone tile. These villas are having a patio or balcony. All the rooms and Villas are having cable TV, refrigerators, and air conditioner and land-line phones to give all the necessary and needed facilities to the customer.

The prices of Andros Lighthouse are not very costly as the rooms are available in different rates. The change in rates is because of differentiation of the rooms based on pool view, sea view and villas. The room having pool view is cheaper in comparison to other two and the costlier is Villas as they are big in size and very comfortable also. There are extra charges included in the rats like house cleaner expenses, 6 % tax and 4 % resort levy. Maximum four people can live in a room not more than that.

There are many things to do in Andros Lighthouse like:

  • There is a beautiful beach so you can take a long and romantic walk along the beach.
  • Explore the beautiful island as it is having an exotic wildlife and various unexplored landscape.
Beautiful View At The Andros Lighthouse

An example of the beautiful views found at the Andros Lighthouse.


The Andros Lighthouse Welcomes Guests

A photo of some tourists enjoying the sights at the Andros Lighthouse.


Clouds At The Andros Lighthouse

A pic of the Andros Lighthouse on a overcast day.

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