Lighthouse Hotels & Accommodations

Lighthouse Hotels & Accommodations

Taking a vacation at a lighthouse hotel can be a unforgettable experience when you consider all the amenities and accommodations that lighthouses in this day in age offer. Of course people decide to take their vacation to places in the middle of no where, like lodges, hostels, etc but sometimes more than what is offered there is needed to make sure the ultimate comfort and relaxation is part of the trip. What is nice about staying at a lighthouse hotel is that often times there are many natural elements that come along with staying at a lighthouse such as the ocean or some body of water, a variety of plant and animal life, and of course the history that comes along with the lighthouse itself. What makes this nice is that on the days that a guest wants to get out of the hotel and do some activities and/or sightseeing, that possibility is there. On the days that there is no desire to leave the hotel, but instead things like a comfortable bed, hotel activities, lounging around the pool, eating at an onsite hotel, sitting or laying in front of the cable TV all day, or even using the wifi service to work or just surf the next. All of these things mentioned is exactly why taking a vacation at one of the many lighthouse hotels around the world is #1 choice for many people.

One thing you have to consider the fact that lighthouses usually have history that go along with them which more so that not effects what you see while staying there. One thing that applies to just about every type of history is that it seems to make us place extra value on the worth and uniqueness of a person, place, or thing. The other enjoyable factor is anything or anyone with some form of history makes people enjoy the vintage or historical aspect that demands more love and support. In the case of lighthouses, when a lighthouse has a historic past that affected the design and architecture of these spectacular structures it makes 1,000s of people love them and wan to see them. Imagine taking that admiration to the next level by having the opportunity to spend the night at a lighthouse by staying at the onsite hotel. When it comes to lighthouse hotels making sure their guests are able to appreciate staying there, they often times have a museum with a well documented past which includes specific dates for events that happened in the past, vintage pictures of the lighthouse in it’s early days, and other memorabilia and trinkets that visitors can take home with them. What is also usually very enjoyable for guests of a particular lighthouse hotel are the activities that are offered around the hotel such as guided tours around the surrounding areas, hiking along trails and the property that the hotel is on, and even packages that include all of these things along with water activities( of course this is depending on the weather and the time of year).

Aside from the historical aspect of taking advantage of lighthouse accommodations is that fact that you are more than likely just a few steps away from water. Being so close to the water usually means is that you will always have a nice refreshing breeze of clean air now and then. There is nothing like resting on a vacation possibly at a lighthouse resort with the smell of fresh cool air to add to the relaxation factor of the experience. With water also comes the marine live that you can likely view and watch from the comfort of your hotel room which in itself can be very entertaining, yet relaxing.

If the weather allows you can always take a dip in the ocean or river that your lighthouse is situated next to. These are just a few of the reason why spending time at hotels that are connected to lighthouses can be an amazing experience. Instead of us talking about all the different things you can do when staying at a lighthouse hotel, we will put more details in the article you see below. If there is a specific hotel you would like us to write about or review, please let us know and we will get all the details needed.

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