West Point Lighthouse (Canada)

The West Point Lighthouse

A look at the front of the West Point Lighthouse & Museum.

Among the PEI Tourism environment, the West Point Lighthouse inn is among the most recognizable places. The West Point Development Corporation created this wonderful inn in 1984. After twenty years of working, West Point Development Corporation undertook a project for redeveloping it, as they want to make the West Point Lighthouse & West Point Light Station a leader in the industry of tourism in PEI. After the complete renovation of this beautiful inn, it again became operational in 2010. There are many thing in that inn that were upgraded like Upgrading of the West Point Lighthouse museum, newly created facilities in West Point Harbour, relocation of a restaurant, integration of the facilities with uniform signage, a streetscape project and a new boardwalk. All these changes make it more beautiful destination in which people of all the ages can come and enjoy.

Everything present there become more beautiful after the renovation and it successful to appeal the visitors. There are different types of room available over there Tower Room that is situated on the third floor of the lighthouse, Keeper’s Quarters room that is also in the second floor where the family of the keeps of the West Point Lighthouse resides, Second Floor Seaside rooms and first floor seaside rooms. There are various amenities provided in all these rooms for the comfort of visitors like Alarm clock, air Conditioning, Telephone, Iron, hair Dryer, Satellite TV, DVD Player, High Speed Internet that is free of cost, wheelchair, parking, Laundry Services and many more to make the visit more comfortable. The facility of payment is also very good over there as there are many options available to do the payment like:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express/Diners
  • Cash
  • Traveller’s Checks
  • Debit card/ Interac

Some of the highlights of West Point Lighthouse, that force you to enjoy the services provided by them are given below:

  •  You can book rooms online without any problem before coming there this also eliminates the tension that whether the rooms are available or not.
  • You can sleep enjoying the melodious waves
  • Get the pleasure to see beautiful sunset.
The Welcome Sign & A Guest At The West Point Lighthouse

A look at a visitor next to the welcome sign at the West Point Lighthouse.


A Beach View Of The West Point Lighthouse

A look at the West Point Lighthouse from down at the beach.


A Distant Look At The West Point Lighthouse

In the distance stands the West Point Lighthouse.


The West Point Lighthouse From A Side Angle

A nice photo of the side of the West Point Lighthouse.


The West Point Lighthouse From The Back

A look at the back of the West Point Lighthouse.

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