Alabama Lighthouses

Alabama Lighthouses

Known by some as the “Heart of Dixie”, the state of Alabama is home to many lighthouses that have been around for 100s of years. Sure there are plenty of other states out there that have more than 25 or 50 lighthouses, but the state of Alabama has 2 of which that are extremely popular… the Sand Island Lighthouse and the Middle Bay Lighthouse. Since this state is on the southern coast of the USA, the lighthouses that are located there have been there for ages and unfortunately the beating from the natural elements in this part of the United States is negatively effecting the condition of these lighthouses. Hurricanes, high winds, and fierce ocean waves have been hurting these lighthouses for years now and in the opinion of some this is the reason these lighthouses have been neglected. All it would take is a serious high rated storm or hurricane to take down these lighthouses that have been standing for centuries.

What some are trying to do is raise both awareness and money to help get these lighthouses restored and regularly cared for so that they can hopefully be here for centuries to come. The benefit of this would of course be the possibility for future generations having the chance to view these structures and respecting their age and beauty. Another concern is that for many lighthouses are old fashioned, and while many people are gaining interest… many are also losing interest in them. With that said it is so important that we make sure that these Alabama lighthouses are cared for so they can continue to receive visitors for many years to come. Of course for those who are interested in helping spread the word or even supporting the cause of trying to save the state of Alabama’s lighthouses, they can try to contact the lighthouse keeper directly or going through the Alabama Lighthouse Association who is a group that is dedicated to helping this take place.

Like most other concerns that effect masses of people, the failure or success of this depends entirely on the response and support of the general public. To successfully save lighthouses in Alabama, people are going to have to be educated on exactly what is needed to make the ball go in the right direction. Another thing that will be needed is that people will need to be kept informed along every step of the process so they can clearly understand what will be needed from them, and so that they can help spread the word. Of course last thing we will mention, but definitely not the least important is the fact that money is needed to accomplish all of the above mentioned things. Such financial support can come from private parties, government grants, fund raisers, regular donations, and even memberships that are sold to people who want to have a hand in the restoration and preservation of these light stations in the state of Alabama. If you would like to help with any of this, please feel free to let us know by using the contact us page here.

Sand Island Lighthouse

The San Island Lighthouse