Sand Island Lighthouse

The San Island Lighthouse

A view of the San Island Lighthouse on a beautiful day in Alabama.

Lighthouse is a building or a tower, which emits light from a system wither by lamps, by fire, or by any technology. It helps the navigation for pilot at sea so that it will protect them from any miss happening or any accident. These lighthouses are constructed near the coastal areas, which convey the message of danger. Stay away, hazardous shoals so that they understand they are near the land. It also shows the way to the ships so that it will not create any traffic. In earlier times, lighthouses were constructed and fire was used as the source of light, which is kept at the top of the tower so that it can be easily visible. There are many countries and cities having lighthouses where public can visit, in the below paragraph we will read about the sand island lighthouse and sand island light station.

Sand Island Lighthouse is situated near the dauphin, Alabama. The first tower of sand island house was constructed in 1838 on the offshore island. Sand Island Lighthouse & Sand Island Light Station is 132 feet high, earlier it was damaged in the civil war, in 1863. The war arose because of the ownership of Sand Island and light station. In 1872, it was reconstructed on the island and new lens was installed at the top of the lighthouse tower, after the construction, the light once direct ships into mobile way. In 1896, it was jeopardized due to coastal storm, it destroyed the tower badly and island too. In 1971, the second order Fresnel was aloof and positioned in the ft. Morgan museum, where it is still present over there. Sand island lighthouse was again damaged in 2004 by hurricane.

At present, the lighthouse is owned by the residents of the dauphin island and re-establishment is going on. The Alabama lighthouse is supporting for the restoration of this historical lighthouse.

Black & White Of The San Island Lighthouse

A old black and white photo of what the San Island Lighthouse used to look like.


Aerial Look At The San Island Lighthouse

A look from above the San Island Lighthouse.


A Sunset Behind The San Island Lighthouse

A look at a beautiful sunset of the San Island Lighthouse.


A San Island Lighthouse Portrait

An interesting painting of the San Island Lighthouse.


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