Alaska Lighthouses

Alaska Lighthouses

The state of Alaska is full of a very large variety of light stations that people from not only in the surrounding areas enjoy, but people from locations from miles away. While it seems that many people do not know much about the state of Alaska, they many times have heard of or at least seen(whether in person, on a movie, or in a picture) one of the many lighthouses that sit on the soil of AK. For those that may find this fact shocking, let us remind you that Alaska is literally the largest state in the USA; when it comes to the amount of land within it’s barriers. Since being bought from Russia in the late 1860s, there have been a variety of people who’ve lived there, and with the growth of the population and established businesses… lighthouses in Alaska needed to be constructed. Although many of these lighthouses that were constructed in AK were done so between 1900 and 1950, before the state became the 49th state of the USA, they are all still considered to be part of the amazing historical background of the United States as a whole.

Another large factor why typically most of the AK lighthouses are loved and supported by enthusiasts is the fact that the ocean waters surrounding the state are known as and refer to as some of the darkest and hardest to see than most other places in the USA. For this reason, over there years there have been countless accidents and shipwrecks due to a lack of lighting and the rough waters in these areas. With that being said, so many travelers, merchants, and locals appreciate these light stations for the light and safety they provide to water vessels looking to dock and/or pass by. In very popular and busy areas there are not only lighthouses, but lamps that help guide boats and ships to relative safety and other areas where there is no light that can be seen or depended on for miles and miles.

Many people wonder why the coastal line of Alaska after so many years had nothing to help guide ships safely along the shores, and then all of a sudden lighthouses started popping up in the early 1900s. The reason is due to the fact that during the end of the 1800s there was a gold rush which brought people from all over, via land and sea, to the state of AK and many of the water vessels ended tragically because of the lack of light. While Alaska could definitely use more lighthouses, the ones that are there are in well chosen places to help do the most good for passing boats and ships. In this area of the you are only going to find maps, pictures, information, history, and more about just about every lighthouse in Alaska. If you notice that some information is missing, needs to be updated, or you just want to make a statement a particular lighthouse, we invite you to use our contact us page. Of course wen love hearing real life experiences from those of who have actually been to any and all of these lighthouses of Alaska, USA. Enjoy!

Cape Decision Lighthouse

The Cape Decision Lighthouse