Cape Decision Lighthouse

The Cape Decision Lighthouse

A nice view of the Cape Decision Lighthouse.

For many years after the capture of Alaska (1867), innumerable ships made their passage linking from Seattle and Juneau by going through a meandering route across the countless islands that stretched parallel to the northwest coast. However, by residing in the interior of the islands, the captains and crews and passengers enjoyed a much safer and calmer journey than that the one they would have to face in the exterior in the open of North Pacific.

The acetylene lantern put on these Spanish Islands just near the southern tip of Kulu Island, was the first attempt to illuminate the waters. The lantern was regarded unproductive and by 1929, the Congress sanctioned $59400 for the construction of a lighthouse. Rough weather conditions and postponements in gaining further financial aids postponed the date of finishing of the lighthouse till 1932. $158000 was spent by then over the whole plan. Cape Decision Lighthouse is concrete lighthouse that features a seventy five feet tall square tower in the center along with a one story construction that envelopes its base. The lighthouse was provided with quarters for up to three keepers and housed generators for the fog signals and the light. An A Class radio beacon was installed on the seaward rocks of the light station. In September, 1974, a dependable diesel generator was installed in the lighthouse. Soon after that the live-in crew left. Later, the light station was turned into a solar power run light station which further reduced work and maintenance of the usual Coast Guard checks. Rather than lug scrap away from the location, it was put into barrels of 55 gallons capacity and destroyed by fire. However, 11th October, 1989 the cleaner team recovered two barrels from near the boat house on that day, put them outside the wooden pavement and filled them with debris and so a huge mishap was just escaped.

The Cape Decision Light Station stewardship was granted to the the Cape Decision Lighthouse society in 1997. The proletariat organization was dedicated to preserve the Cape Decision Lighthouse for public amusement. In 2005, damage caused by fire to the pier was evidently visible however there was no break in supplies for the repair on the site.

The isolated location prevents visitors visiting the Cape Decision Light Station. For the interest of the public its third order Fresnel lens is put on display at the Clausen Museum in Petersburg a halting port for small cruising ship which is more accessible.

A Cape Decision Lighthouse Visitor

A guest appearing to be enjoying the Cape Decision Lighthouse.


A Black & White Of The Cape Decision Lighthouse

See what appears to be an old black and white photo of the Cape Decision Lighthouse.


Aerial View Of The Cape Decision Lighthouse

A nice aerial look down at the Cape Decision Lighthouse.


A Stormy Day At The Cape Decision Lighthouse

A photo of the Cape Decision Lighthouse in the middle of a storm.


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