California Lighthouses

California Lighthouses

The state of California has a special place in the heart of due to the fact that the founder of this website is from the state, and since there is no shortage of lighthouses there… it is probably one of the largest factors in why this website was created in the first place. Being literally the most popular state in the USA, there is no shortage of lighthouses in California along the varied, yet busy coastal line of the state. With it’s popularity there is a diversity in so many ways that can only be appreciated by those who have visited, but even more for those who live or have lived in the state. This diversity can be seen in the different types of terrain, variation of geographic and climate changes, the mixing pot of different ethnicities and languages, and last but least… it’s lighthouses.

It was in the mid 1850s that California saw a huge void in that there was not enough lighting along to coast to help boats and ships dock safely when stopping along the CA coast. What made the need the greatest during this time was the famous California Gold Rush that was at it’s peak during that time period. This time period brought people to the shorelines of California from the north, south, and east who were looking to strike it rich while hunting for gold. As can be seen and revealed on any map is the fact that the coast alongside California is very diverse, unpredictable, and if trying to maneuver a water vessel safely… it can be very dangerous and without proper lighting… impossible. With the amount of people moving to the area, there was an increase of wealthy businesses relocating to the area, and merchants bringing their goods to the area in order for them to be sold to the masses of people who were beginning to populate this area. It was primarily for these reasons that California lighthouses became so important for the state, everyone traveling there by sea, and for all the multitudes of people who lived there.

Modern history would make just about anyone assume that those individuals who built lighthouses for California and eventually because the lighthouse keeps did so out of a selfish motive to make money or for some other advantage. While that would be normal, understood, and accepted in today’s world… that was not the case back in the late 1800s when these CA lighthouses were being constructed. Instead, anyone who had something to do with lighthouses did it purely out of a concern for the wellbeing and safety of those men, and sometimes women, that were on those ships. Being a lighthouse keeper in those days was not as simple as pressing a button, and checking a few electrical elements as some might think. It was actually work that was very physically demanding, and many times caused the keeper to not be able to sleep for entire nights due to extreme weather conditions on some occasions. While many people don’t appreciate this point due to the fact that most lighthouses in California no longer have a keeper taking care of it, history proves these were the conditions in years past. Here in this part of the website you will find everything there is to know about just about every California lighthouse you have heard of. If there is one missing, or something you would like to say or add about a specific one, please contact us. Enjoy!

Point Loma Lighthouse

The Point Loma Lighthouse

Point Reyes Lighthouse

The Point Reyes Lighthouse

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

The Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Cape Mendocino Lighthouse

The Cape Mendocino Lighthouse

Battery Point Lighthouse

The Battery Point Lighthouse

Alcatraz Island Lighthouse

The Alcatraz Island Lighthouse