Battery Point Lighthouse

The Battery Point Lighthouse

An honest look at the Battery Point Lighthouse.


Battery Point Lighthouse or the Crescent City Lighthouse was lit up for the first time in 1852. The lighthouse is constructed in a Cape Cod style where the light station tower is positioned in the centre of the dwelling. In the night of 10th December, 1856, the fourth-order Fresnel lens was illuminated for the very first time, from the lantern room.

Due to its location being on top of a rocky knoll, the Battery Point Lighthouse the battering storm made it scruffy. The sea waves would rise so high that they often washed over the islet and hit the light station. Once fierce wave shattered three glass panes in the lantern room and filled the light house with water. Surprisingly, there was no serious harm inflicted to the light station even when Crescent City had received the most terrible damage ever caused by tsunami on the western coast of the southern forty-eight states, in March, 1964. There were in total eleven casualties after the tsunami hit Crescent City. Nine one homes and about twenty one boats in the harbor were destroyed. The sum of the total destruction caused by the tsunami was more than seven million dollars. Clarence and Peggy Coons were curators at the light station and where living there during the time when the tsunami hit the Crescent City.

The Battery Point Light Station survived the nightmare undamaged however, the nest year the contemporary beacon that took the place of the fourth-ordered Fresnel lens in the lantern room of the tower was turned off, and what served as the navigational aid of the harbour was a flashing light located near the end of a close by water channel. On December 10, 1982 the Battery Point Light Station was catalogued as a private aid for navigation and it was that very day that it was lit up again.

Caretakers today reside in the light house and carry out tours of the light house premises. The forth ordered Fresnel lens is now put on display along with the heritage photo gallery and other memorabilia of the light station.

Sitting Alone Is The Battery Point Lighthouse

A good photo of the Battery Point Lighthouse sitting alone.


Close Look At The Battery Point Lighthouse

An amazing picture of the Battery Point Lighthouse close up.


Welcome Sign Of The Battery Point Lighthouse

A look at the sign that welcomes Battery Point Lighthouse visitors.


Distant Look At The Battery Point Lighthouse

The Battery Point Lighthouse can still be seen from a distance.

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