Point Loma Lighthouse

The Point Loma Lighthouse

A lovely view of the Point Loma Lighthouse.


The Point Loma Lighthouse is best to be visited during the clear days of the season. It was created in 1855 and it is one of the structures whose looks were inspired by the all original Cape Cod structures. Just like any lighthouse, it was set to be used for navigation at sea.

When you check out its history, it did not start out good since the construction costs for one was way too high. Then when the Fresnel lens finally arrived, the workers could not seem to fit it and the smaller types need to have some substitutes. And with its elevation level, the surroundings remained foggy.

For a total of about 36 years, the said tower served as a beacon for the welcome entrance of San Diego Bay. It stands at 422 feet right above sea level and it is seated in a situation that is very ideal. It soon became very popular but its light was usually hidden by the clouds that hang low over it. This site was then replaced by another which the makers decided on to be somewhere that is closer to the sea waters and located right at the Peninsula’s tip. Hence, it was called the Old Point Loma Lighthouse.

The lighthouse serves as the centerpiece of the entire national monument of Cabrillo. This is the monument that pays tribute to a navigational traveler from Portuguese by the name of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. It is open daily from 9am to 5pm for any interested visitors and comes with a fee for its national park maintenance.

Different Areas Of The Point Loma Lighthouse

A look at some of the different areas at the Point Loma Lighthouse.


A Close Look At The Point Loma Lighthouse

A nice up close photo of the Point Loma Lighthouse.


A Black & White Picture Of The Point Loma Lighthouse

A black and white photo of the Point Loma Lighthouse in California.


Sunset At The Point Loma Lighthouse

A look at the Point Loma Lighthouse as the sun goes down.


The Point Loma Lighthouse Receives The Rays Of The Sun

The sun shines bright above the Point Loma Lighthouse.



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