Connecticut Lighthouses

Connecticut Lighthouses

Sitting as a state in the north east of the USA, Connecticut has surrounded by heritage and history due to it’s only accomplishments and landmarks as well as those of the other states that surrounds it. Although the area is full of historic details that many people love, there are yet more things that a lot of people find important when it comes to this state… lighthouses. While there is currently there is not a lighthouse society for Connecticut, there is a very strong group of supporters that either live in the state or a from it that would love nothing more than to see these structures get the support and maintenance needed to keep them in good condition. While there are some lighthouses in Connecticut that are in dire need of restoration and are in danger of possibly being demolished, most of the light stations here in CT.

With that being the case, there have been a select few of non profit organizations who have taken an interest in getting these lighthouses the things they need to continue to stand tall for many years to come. There have also been individuals who live locally that have the time and resources needed to care for and preserve these CT lighthouses that have reached out to take control of them. There have also been a few organizations that are dedicated to the preservation of lighthouses that have gotten control of some of the lighthouses here; so as mentioned… there is some support for these light stations.

On the shores of CT there are plenty of rocks, and coasts that are nearly impossible to predict without adequate lighting… and it is for this reason that the coast of Connecticut there are plenty of lighthouses that are all listed here in this area of the website. With many ocean dependant businesses in the area were growing, such as whaling, fishing, and transport, at a rapid pace… light stations in CT were a necessity. Aside from the rocky coast already mention, the shoreline of Connecticut is known for it’s thick fog and unforgiving coastline. Take a look at the list of every Connecticut lighthouse shown below, and find out which appeal to you and which don’t. Enjoy!

Black Rock Harbor Lighthouse (Fayerweather Island)

The Black Rock Harbor Lighthouse (Fayerweather Island)