Black Rock Harbor Lighthouse (Fayerweather Island)

The Black Rock Harbor Lighthouse (Fayerweather Island)

A nice look at the Black Rock Harbor Lighthouse (Fayerweather Island) in Connecticut

The construction of lighthouse was but natural at a Black Rock Harbor. Having a deep dock sheltered by the Fayerweather Island it was becoming an important shipping hub.

The first Black Rock Harbour Lighthouse was constructed in 1808. It was a 40 feet high wooden tower octagonal in shape. Back then it was the second site near the Western Long Island Sound which was purchased for such a purpose like of building a lighthouse. The keeper’s quarter was hardly one and a half storey house with a kitchen, living room and a single bedroom. As time passed by it became a dwelling with around eleven rooms. The Black Rock Harbour Light Station operated for 125years in total. The life saving beam was first illumined by using whale oil spider lamp, a very ancient device from Stratford Point. In 1830 it was upgraded into a system with a total of eight lamps and parabolic reflectors however the light was scarcely visible in obscure conditions. A fifth order Fresnel lens used in 1854. In 1934, the Congress transferred the Black Rock Harbour Lighthouse to the city of Bridgeport. However, as time passed by it suffered to the rudiments and sabotage. In 1977, the keeper’s dwelling was burned to ashes. In 1983, a society named Friends of Seaside Park and the black Rock Community Council attempted to restore the structure. The process of refurbishment and preservation began with a bang but unfortunately the tower was again derelict and abandoned. David Grant Grimshaw and Patricia Roche were adamant for restoring the decaying light station. In 1993, they planned raise funds for preserving the light station. In 1998, their dream came true when the Black Rock Harbour Light Station was restored to its original glory and colour. Graffiti proof paint and vandal resistant steel panes which look like glass from far were installed.

Solar panels and lightening equipments to illuminate the tower have been installed although the light housed in no longer used as navigational aid. Now, Black Rock Harbour Lighthouse is all set to face all kinds of tempests and storms.

Portrait Of A Black Rock Harbor Lighthouse (Fayerweather Island)

A nice painting of the Black Rock Harbor Lighthouse (Fayerweather Island).


Black Rock Harbor Lighthouse (Fayerweather Island) With A Tourist

A photo of a tourist taking a picture in front of the Black Rock Harbor Lighthouse (Fayerweather Island).

  1. Patricia M Roche Said,

    So glad to see this beautiful picture of the Black Rock Light House. I have since moved to Maine and whenever I get back to Black Roc I drive by the light house. It is amazing what people can do when they work together. I am so proud to have been part of the restoration.

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