Florida Lighthouses

Florida Lighthouses

Because of where it sits, at the most southern east corner of the of the USA, Florida has been a state with many lighthouses for as far back as just about anyone or any book can mention. Since it sits between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, plenty of maritime vessels need the assistance and aid that lighthouses in Florida provide to help them make the trip both successfully and safely. With all of the islands that are in the Caribbean waters that depend on importing and exporting goods, the bottom section of Florida has plenty of lighthouses in different areas. History has shown that the lack of adequate lighting around the state was the cause of lots of fatal accidents, and even more shipwrecks that may not have taken the lives of people.

Unlike other states, it is not the actual coastline itself that is the issue, instead the problem in this area has always been the coral reefs that sit below the water was the most dangerous. What happened more times than not was that these reefs would damage and sink the water vessels before they were able to reach land, and many times before land could even be seen. Building lighthouses in Florida helped the ships see the reefs, and this construction was done on land as well as directly on top of reefs that were big enough and strong enough to hold the extra weight.

Something that many don’t know is that there was a time that Florida had more than 60 lighthouses being used to help ships in this way, but with the wear and tear that time and a lack of maintenance that these Florida lighthouses underwent caused many of them to longer stand. As of today only about 30 lighthouses are still in the state of Florida, and as you will see… they will all be listed below for you to see pictures of them, find out about their history, view them on a map, and even leave comments about them. If there is something you would like to notify us about, please feel free to use the contact us page. Enjoy!

Pensacola Lighthouse

The Pensacola Lighthouse

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

St. Augustine Lighthouse

The St. Augustine Lighthouse

Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse

The Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse

The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse

Tierra Verde Lighthouse

The Tierra Verde Lighthouse