Pensacola Lighthouse

The Pensacola Lighthouse

A nice photo of the Pensacola Lighthouse in Florida.


Here we have the Pensacola Lighthouse which is located at the Pensacola Bay in Florida. Sometimes when we see these pictures of lighthouses we assume that the picture is exaggerating the actual size and height of the structure because sometimes it does. In the case of the light here at this Florida shore, it actually stands 171 feet tall which is pretty high compared to many other lighthouses around the country. For that reason the flashing white beacon can be seen more than 25 miles away to direct sailors in the direction that need to head.

Not is this lighthouse enormous in size, but the actual structure itself is actually pretty impressive. At the base of the lighthouse the walls are some 10 feet thick, and at the top the walls are about 3 feet thick. If you want to take a tour of this lighthouse you can for an admission price of $5 for adults, and $3 for children. For those who are interested in visiting the grounds or want to have an event there, you can decide to rent the lighthouse but you have to contact them for availability. So if you are looking for a place to host indoor or outdoor events, meetings, a private tour, a wedding or other special event… here is an excellent place to do so. Enjoy!

A Distant View Of The Pensacola Lighthouse

A look at the Pensacola Lighthouse standing tall from the ocean.


The Sun Sets At The Pensacola Lighthouse

A beautiful sunset behind the Pensacola Lighthouse.


The Pensacola Lighthouse From A Side Angle

A view of the Pensacola Lighthouse and quarters from a side view.


The Pensacola Lighthouse On A Cloudy Day

A cool, dark, and cloudy day at the Pensacola Lighthouse.


The Pensacola Lighthouse Stands Tall

A look up from below the towering Pensacola Lighthouse.


The Pensacola Lighthouse From Behind

A look at the back of the Pensacola Lighthouse.


The Pensacola Lighthouse From High Up Above

An distant aerial view of the Pensacola Lighthouse.


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