Tierra Verde Lighthouse

The Tierra Verde Lighthouse

A look at the Tierra Verde Lighthouse on a beautiful day; Image Source: Bob Graf of

It is nice to know the facts related to some of the beautiful lighthouse but first of all, there is a need to explain the term lighthouse. A lighthouse is a big building, a tower, or any kind of structure that is specially designed to emit light from a system of lenses, lamps and in older time with the help of fire. The main purpose to make these lighthouses is that, it is used as an aid to navigation for pilots on inland waterways and at sea. These lighthouses are very important to mark dangerous coastline, reefs and hazardous shoals. There are many operational lighthouses that are declined because of the expenses that are involved in maintenance and replacement by modern electronic navigational aids. There are many lighthouses present in the whole world like:

• Greens Light

• Katie’s light

• Harbor Cove

• St. Johns Pass

• Lighthouse Point

• Boca Chita Lighthouse

• Tierra Verde Lighthouse

• Mount Dora Lighthouse

• Faro Blanco Resort

• New Canal lighthouse

• Whale Harbor Inn and Marina

• Murray’s light

Tierra Verde Lighthouse & Tierra Verde Light Station is a very famous lighthouse that is also called Tampa Bay Watch Lighthouse. It is newest lighthouse in Florida. It is located towards Fort Decoto Park on the causeway from the St. Petersburg region. This is privately constructed in November of 2005 by the Tampa Bay Watch society that is a non- profitable society, which is especially made to protect and preserve the Tampa Bay estuary. Tierra Verde Lighthouse is considered to be the first privately made, held to allow navigation in Florida and there the light is modulated right after the Boca Grande Lighthouse. This lighthouse was modulated after the Boca Grande Light and embodies Florida coastal architecture in a traditional way. The height of Tierra Verde Lighthouse is about 74 feet into air. In Tierra Verde Lighthouse, light emits a ½-second flash in every four seconds and drop its light across the guiding boaters with the help of local waterways present out there and on the mouth of Tampa Bay.

The Tierra Verde Lighthouse Lower Level

A picture from the lower level of the Tierra Verde Lighthouse.


The Tierra Verde Lighthouse Upper Area

A focused view of the Tierra Verde Lighthouse upper section.



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