Tybee Island Lighthouse

The Tybee Island Lighthouse

A view of the Tybee Island Lighthouse from a bit of a distance.

The Tybee Island Lighthouse can be seen on the Tybee Island of Georgia that is in the eastern part of the Savannah River. It is one of the very few 18th century lighthouses that are still continuous in its operations in the northern part of America. It has been out there in the sea since 1732 by the order of General James Oglethorpe. It guides sailors into safety who are headed into the Savannah River for more than two centuries already. It is considered to be one of the most intact of all lighthouses in America due to its historical buildings on the site that measures about five acres.

The Tybee Island Lighthouse was already recreated a good number of times and the present one you see still standing has a total number of stairs that reaches to 178 with the Fresnel lens which measures about nine feet. It is truly a must see for everyone whether it’s the families, group tours, educators, students, etc. The entire lighthouse is maintained by the Tybee Island Historical Society with its light being maintained by the team of assigned Coast Guards there. They are also the only ones who have the last say on the color changes or the navigation reroutes from the lighthouse spot.

The lighthouse is also a perfect venue for various events especially the weddings. It can accommodate from as little as 20 to as big as 400 people. The society in charge also offers numerous special packages that come with affordable rates for everyone to enjoy.

Black And White Photo Of The Tybee Island Lighthouse

A photoshop'ed image of the Tybee Island Lighthouse in Georgia.


The Grounds Of The Tybee Island Lighthouse

A look at the area around the Tybee Island Lighthouse.


The Tybee Island Lighthouse And The Surrounding Area

A distant view of the Tybee Island Lighthouse and nearby buildings.


A Look Up At The Tybee Island Lighthouse

A view of the Tybee Island Lighthouse from down below.


Tje Tybee Island Lighthouse Being Viewed By A Visitor

A woman looks up at the Tybee Island Lighthouse.


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