Grosse Point Lighthouse

Grosse Point Lighthouse & main building

The Grosse Point Lighthouse Grounds

The Grosse Point Lighthouse was created by the US Government way back in 1873. Due to the numerous shipwrecks that happened in the area approaching Chicago, the need for a lighthouse arises. The grounds of which the this lighthouse is located is made open to the public without any fee and tours to the lighthouse are made according to the condition of the season so that safety can always be kept.

This historical lighthouse is situated in Evanston, Illinois. Its entire construction was made complete by 1873. It is already included in the list of National Register of Historic Places by 1876. And by 1999, it was considered to be already as a National Historic Landmark.

Its original structure was that of the conical light tower which stands on concrete foundation with several wooden piles that have a depth of about 30 feet. It also has two outer walls which include the inner air space in between the walls. The site of this lighthouse is the exact place where Father Jacques Marquette also landed way back in 1674 as he was visiting the western side of the Lake Michigan. He was on that journey to visit the native American tribes in Illinois. However, there is no historical proof that this truly happened.

It is under the ownership of the entire City of Evanston and the tours for the tower and the keepers’ dwelling are done every weekend only for certain house. There is also enough parking space right in Evanston Art Center.

A bird's eye view from the Grosse Point Lighthouse

Looking out of the Grosse Point Lighthouse

The Grosse Point Lighthouse at night

A picturesque view of the moon & the Grosse Point Lighthouse

The lighthouse in Grosse Point stands tall

The Grosse Point Lighthouse towers over all

The lighthouse at Grosse Point around autumn time

The Grosse Point Lighthouse in autumn

A glimpse of the Lighthouse in Gross Point towering of all

A look at the lighthouse in Grosse Point from the ground

A view from the back of the Grosse Point Lighthouse and grounds

Behind the facilities and lighthouse at Grosse Point

The top of the Lighthouse in Grosse Point

A close up of the top of the Grosse Point Lighthouse





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