Michigan City Lighthouse (East Pierhead)

The Michigan City Lighthouse Sunset

The Michigan City Lighthouse As The Sun Goes Down

Right at the Trail Creek’s bend in Michigan City is where you can find the historical and old structure of a lighthouse. It has a beacon that served as guiding light for lots of sailors in the Great Lakes for than a century already. This lighthouse has become the well lighted port of the city encapturing also all the mystery and beauty of the place and Lake Michigan itself.

Its entire story started way back June 23, 1835 from when it only was a simple postlight. It was simple described as a lantern on a very tall pole. It was only in 1837 when the US Government contracted Jeremy Hixon, Sr. together with his son to create a lighthouse that would stay for good in the city. It was made along with a keeper’s house and a tower that measures 40 feet in height.

The very first keeper of the original lighthouse was named as Edmund B. Harrison with a salary of $350 every year. He was then followed by other keepers by the names of James Towner, Harriet Towner and also John Clarkson. As Michigan City and its port started becoming a busy place for shipping, the government constructed a lighthouse that used Joliet stones with the date of 1858 still seen right on the exterior walls of the building.

The Michigan City Lighthouse of 1858 was remodeled in 1904 as it was enlarged by adding two rooms on its northern end for every floor. But at present, all that you can see on top of the roof of the Old Lighthouse Museum is just the mere replica of the original tower.

View Of Michigan City Lighthouse On A Nice Day

A side view of the Michigan City Lighthouse on a clear beautiful day.


The Michigan City Lighthouse In The Far Distance

From A Distance The Michigan City Lighthouse Can Still Be Seen


Snow Surrounds The Michigan City Lighthouse

View Michigan City Lighthouse In The Winter

The Amazing Michigan City Lighthouse

A Picturesque View Of The Michigan City Lighthouse

Michigan City Lighthouse In The Evening

A Night Shot Of The Michigan City Lighthouse


Take a view of a Michigan City Lighthouse map:


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