Maine Lighthouses

Maine Lighthouses

Being one of the most searched for states that has a large variety of Lighthouses, Maine is pretty high up on the list in popularity and searches. With a coast that is jagged, and full of history and importance visitors to the state can literally spend more than a month(if they looked at 1 light station per day) viewing and enjoying al of the different lighthouses in Maine. Of course for those who are looking to take a much faster and shorter voyage to enjoy these towers would be to stay on Route #1 which features quite a few of the most famous.

Since there are so many lighthouses in the state, and they have been around so long… it seems that they are part of the culture and for that reason are loved and protected which means that they are cared for the way light stations should be. If one were to try and look up all of the different organizations dedicated to preserving all of these Maine lighthouses, that would find tons of them, apart from the groups of volunteers who seem to not allow anything harm these beacons in a negative way. What probably contributes to the support and popularity of Maine’s lighthouses is the fact that nearly half of them are not cared for by the US federal government, but instead are done so by private organizations and locals that live in the area.

It may seem strange that one state have so many lighthouses, but to be honest the number isn’t that many when one realizes that the shoreline of Maine spreads out more than 5,000 miles from one end to the other. Another reason is that since ME is one of the oldest states in the USA, it has received boats and ships for more than 200 years that have needed proper lighting setup in order to allow these vessels to come and go safely. Another point to consider is that the Atlantic Ocean has so many resources that fishermen and sailors have depended on for so long, having these beacons sitting up high to card the cargo ships safely to shore is a must have. Having received the name from some as “The Lighthouse State”, Maine has done an excellent job at protecting and caring for literally the largest tourist attraction in the area. What is unique about ME lighthouses is also that fact that most of them have their own museums with an accurate history of what has taken place in that particular area over the years, as well as artifacts that can be enjoyed by any maritime historian. Another amazing feature is that many times the lighthouses in Maine have inns that allow their visitors to spend the night for an indefinite amount of days as well as the fact that many of them are surrounded by national parks that are protected and provide plenty of natural features that people of all ages can enjoy. Enough said on our part, take a look at the long list of lighthouses listed below that are featured here on the website.

Nubble Lighthouse – Cape Neddick Point

The Nubble Lighthouse Cape Neddick Point

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

The Pemaquid Point Lighthouse