Massachusetts Lighthouses

Massachusetts Lighthouses

With tons of ports, harbors, and a seemingly never ending coastline… Massachusetts has a very wide variety of lighthouses throughout the state. Some of course are more important and busier than others for the simple fact that shipments in some areas and fishing in others make specific lighthouses more appreciate and needed than others in the state. Along with the fact that these MA lighthouses are so busy for commercial reasons does not seem to be an issue when it comes to the support and visits they receive from the general public.

The state of MA actually hosts some of the most popular lighthouses for many reasons, but in most cases it is directly related to the rich history that is associated with the area. For example here it is that one will find the oldest light station in the USA, and the 2nd oldest lighthouse. It is likely because of this that the lighthouses in Massachusetts do not have too many worries about not being cared for or the threat of being demolished. This cannot be said of most other states that do not have a preservation society, but again MA is special in this regard since there is so much support from the general public as well as local organizations dedicated to doing this work. This group effort of what some consider as unorganized support has proven to be successful to a certain degree, but there are still lighthouses in Massachusetts that are in dire need of maintenance and their future is quite uncertain.

Be sure to take your time going through this area of the website to see the variety of lighthouses the state of MA has to offer, and appreciate exactly why it has been so difficult for maritime travel in the area without the aid of lighthouses. Enjoy!

Plymouth Lighthouse (Gurnet)

The Plymouth Lighthouse

Newburyport Harbor (Plum Island) Lighthouse

The Plum Island Lighthouse At Newburypoint Harbor