Plymouth Lighthouse (Gurnet)

The Plymouth Lighthouse

This picture displays the Plymouth Lighthouse to the left, and some of its enviroment to the right.

Location: Massachusetts
Date Built: 1843
Lodging: No
Height(Approximate): 102 Feet (31 Meters)
Active: Yes
Open For Tours: No

The Plymouth light station, which is many times referred to and known as the Gurnet lighthouse, has been around for nearly 200 years in the state of Massachusetts, USA. It is known for it’s rich history and unique aspects that many people are unaware of. One of them being the fact that it was the very first location in the United States to host a pair of lighthouses that were pretty much identical. The second historical fact that makes this light station have such a strong following of women is that fact that it was the host of the very first woman light station keeper. Lastly it is loved and respected for being the oldest wooden light structure that is freestanding.

For those that are unsure, the name Plymouth that is in the name of this structure shares the same name and area of the world renowned Plymouth Rock. The Plymouth lighthouse is not only loved today, but in the mid 1800s it was a popular location due to the fact that the locals and those who migrated to the area loved the fact that the grounds has such a unique beauty, no shortage of sea life, and brisk cold. These and many other reasons is likely why this lighthouse no longer stands isolated from people, but as the years go by… more and more people are building homes and businesses in the area because of the lush natural element of this area.

While originally there were 2 light stations that were built in this area to provide light and protection for ships, in 1924 one of them was demolished; leaving just one lighthouse there in the area, the one that still stands. With the structure having an actual 39 ft tall frame and a 30 second flash of light, it seems to have done an excellent job standing the test of time by staying active and fighting the natural elements and hardships that comes with being nearly a couple of decades old.

It is enjoyable by passerby not only on land, but also those passing by in ships and small boats to still be able to see this aged lighthouse to be doing it’s job after all of these years. For this and other reasons, the area here in the Plymouth Bay has become an very popular tourist and vacation spot for many people from not only the USA… but from various parts around the world. Whether someone is looking for somewhere to learn about the historical and strong past of the Plymouth lighthouse, or they just need and want a place to escape it all and take in the natural beauty of the Gurnet Point and surrounding areas. Enjoy!

The Plymouth Lighthouse And The Nearby House

You can see the stairs leading up to the house that stands next to the Plymouth Lighthouse here

The Plymouth Lighthouse And The Road That Leads To It

Here you can see a cool image of the Plymouth Lighthouse from the road leading to it

The Plymouth Lighthouse From Below

A beautiful picture Of The Plymouth Lighthouse as taken from the ground below

The Plymouth Lighthouse From The Front

A good display of the Plymouth Lighthouse and the house to the left of it as seen from the front

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