Absecon Lighthouse

The Absecon Lighthouse

A picture of the Absecon Lighthouse


The Absecon Lighthouse is known to be the highest standing lighthouse in New Jersey. When you get to visit this lighthouse, you would surely feel as if you are traveling back in time. It is composed of 228 steps if you are interested of reaching its top and it is also considered to be one of the oldest ones in the US. When you reach the top, it can offer to you the amazing views of the entire Atlantic City and get to see the first order Fresnel lens of it which was first lit way back in 1857.

It went through a recent restoration project which reached a total cost of a million dollars. The project includes an amazing replica of the Lightkeeper’s house as well along with a museum that is educational and a quaint gift shop. Its total age can already reach to about 150 years old. During its construction days, the entire direction was led by Lieutenant George Meade which lasted from the year of 1855 to somewhere around 1857.

After about a century, the Absecon Lighthouse was already added to the listing of the National Register of Historic Places. It will amaze you that the similar Fresnel Lens used on it way past are still ones being used for it at present. The history museum of the lighthouse is a complete replica of the Keeper’s House in 1925. Within its exhibits, you can find lots of pictures that tell the history of the lighthouse plus other important memorabilia.

The Absecon Lighthouse Stands Tall

A view from directly below the Absecon Lighthouse


The Absecon Lighthouse Welcomes Guests

Visitors taking a tour of the Absecon Lighthouse


The Lens At The Absecon Lighthouse

A look a the lens at the Absecon Lighthouse


A View Of The Absecon Lighthouse From A Distance

A peak at what the Absecon Lighthouse looks like from a far off.


The Back Of The Absecon Lighthouse

A side/back angle of the Absecon Lighthouse in New Jersey


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