Barnegat Lighthouse (Old Barney)

The Barnegat Lighthouse (Old Barney)

Location: Ocean City, New Jersey

Date Built: 1859

Lodging: No

Height: 172 ft above sea level

Active: No

Open For Tours: Yes, between Memorial Day and Labor Day


The Barnegat Lighthouse, also known as the Old Barney, is a historical lighthouse that is situated in Barnegat Lighthouse state park at the north tip of the Long Beach Island right in New Jersey. The early development of the lighthouse started in 1834 and it stands about 40 feet tall. However, at the time, it was considered inadequate as a lighthouse due to its simple design.

Due to the strong currents of its surrounding waters, the lighthouse was built about 900 feet away from its waters. The tower was also built separate from the rest of the structure. Despite this lighthouse’s humble beginnings, it’s beacon became a first class navigational light until August of 1927, when the function of the lighthouse was replaced with a lightship that was anchored off of the nearby coast.

The Barnegat Lighthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971. In 2009, thanks to the Friends of Bernegat Lighthouse, the funds were raised to equip the lighthouse with a new lens, which can now be seen for 22 nautical miles. The original lens is on display at the nearby Barnegat Lighthouse Historical Society Museum.




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