Robbins Reef Lighthouse

The Robbins Reef Lighthouse

A close up view of the Robbins Reef Lighthouse in New Jersey.

The present New York City was an old Dutch Colony, there are still many places and heritage sites bearing witness to it. Robyn’s Rift, is a small crest just off the north coast tip of Staten Islands. Robyn means seals in Dutch; the place is named after these animals that are often found resting and sheltering there. Later on as the city established its present culture, the name was changed from Robyn’s rift to Robbin’s Reef and now it is more popular as the Robbins Reef. The rift is located next to the entrance of a five kilometre long channel that connects the Upper New York Bay and Newark Bay is the Kill van Kull, unlike in the English Kill in Dutch mean water channels. It is one of the world’s busiest ports.

In 1839, the first light house was built to warn about this dangerous geographical and navigational threat. Robbins Reef Lighthouse or Robbins Reef Light Station is a stone tower octagonal in shape; it was painted white on the top half and in brown below and it stands tall upon a stone base. Isaac Johnson kept the light first. There were initially fourteen inch reflects with nine lamps and with a sixty-six foot focal plane. A cofferdam made of wood was put together on the reef and was made water impermeable. The foundation was made then which protects the granite and circular crib. On top of the crib, a sparkplug tower of four storeys was constructed. The lower storey was made into a kitchen and dining hall, the ones above served as duo bedrooms. A small break-water was created to safeguard the workers and keepers to their haven when the sea became rough. The octagonal construction next to the Robbins Reef Light Station is an outfall of a sewer built in 1915 and wasn’t there in 1839. In1883, the second Robbins Reef Lighthouse 1886, the famous Lady Liberty located on the New York Harbour constructed three years later.

In 2009, the Coast Guard regarded Robbins Reef Light Station, as surfeit and did not offer adequate entities towards it. The Park Services have proposed that Robbins Reef Lighthouse should be turned into a museum, the paperwork is in progress and by the next decade the two lower stories will serve as a museum for schools and tourist.

Robbins Reef Lighthouse Receives Tourists

A photo of a few tourists at the Robbins Reef Lighthouse.


All By Itself The Robbins Reef Lighthouse Stands

A pic of the Robbins Reef Lighthouse sitting in the water.


City Skyline From The Robbins Reef Lighthouse

A look at the city from behind the Robbins Reef Lighthouse.


The Robbins Reef Lighthouse Looks At Smog

A honest view of the smog in the city from the Robbins Reef Lighthouse.

  1. Joyce Mason Said,

    I was wondering if the Robbins Reef Lighthouse is going to be made into a museum? My father emigrated from Denmark in 1928 when he was six. He lived on Staten Island through high school. He wrote a short story about seeing the Robbins Reef Lighthouse from a child’s perspective on the boat coming into the New York harbor. I thought the museum might be interested in it.


    Joyce Mason

  2. Teal Said,

    Joyce, read the last paragraph of the above article. In the next decade, the first two stories of the lighthouse will be made into a museum.

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