New York Lighthouses

New York Lighthouses

As what would be expected from the oh so popular state of New York, there are more lighthouses here than we care to mention in this paragraph dedicated to providing our visitors with a bit of information about New York Lighthouses. Instead we will list all of them below so that anyone visiting this section of the website can go through and see which lighthouse they are inclined to click on to see and get more information about

When we think of lighthouses, one of the first things that comes to mind is the fact that these structures provide a service that cannot be measured in dollars and cents. The reason is because they have been heavily relied upon for hundreds of years, and they are just as important today as they were many years ago. One might think that such is not the case due to the fact there is so much technology that is being used to help safely navigate ships from point A to point B; but honestly lighthouses are really needed in so many ways they at present it seems that technology will not be able to eradicate or replace them entirely. For these and plenty of other reasons, the lighthouses in New York have nothing to worry about as long as they continue to be cared for as they have been for years on end.

When a person thinks about New York there are many things that comes to mind, but each year more and more are finding that light stations should be one of those things since the state has a very nice selection of them. Some of them age back more than 200 years, and for that reason has to love and respect of many historians and history enthusiast alike. Evidence of this is the fact that while there is no official organization dedicated to maintaining and preserving the light station in New York, it seems that there is no shortage of funds, volunteers, and support to help keep these structures afloat and standing tall while fighting against the natural elements. Additionally what helps New York Lighthouses is that literally 100,000s of visitors take notice of them in one way or another, and often times don’t even realize they are doing so. With all of that said and done, take a look at the lights we have listed below for you to view and learn about.

Fire Island Lighthouse

Montauk Point Lighthouse

The Montauk Point Lighthouse

Little Red Lighthouse (Jeffrey’s Hook)

The Little Red Lighthouse (Jeffrey

Titanic Memorial Lighthouse

The Titanic Memorial Lighthouse