Little Red Lighthouse (Jeffrey’s Hook)

The Little Red Lighthouse (Jeffrey's Hook)

A nice picture of the Little Red Lighthouse (Jeffrey's Hook).

Although the official name of this lighthouse is Jeffrey’s Hook Light Station, many people know it as the Little Red lighthouse. Whether or not the latter name comes from the children’s book that was written and has the name in it’s title, The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge, or the fact that it is literally a little red lighthouse… it is well known and loved by many around the USA. Standing at only 40 feet this lighthouse has been appreciated and supported for many years.

This history of this light station started with the completion of it’s construction back in 1889, and it stayed there are the original location in Sandy Hook New Jersey with the official name North Hook Beacon until 1917. In 1921 the Little Red lighthouse was moved to its current location, and was used until 1947; but by that time it was the opinion of the state that the lighthouse was no longer useful due to the fact that the George Washington Bridge was constructed and completed with plenty of bright lighting that towered some 600 feet into the air in 1931. For that reason, plans to demolish the lighthouse in 1951 went into effect but since the kid’s book had been so popular children from all around the country raised awareness of the future of this lighthouse. This support resulted in the Parks & Recreation division of New York City to take over ownership of Jeffrey’s Hook Light Station, and thus it has been safe until this day.

In September there is a festival day for the Little Red lighthouses, and Open House New York day the next month of October which both help the popularity and support of this lighthouse stay strong. This is lighthouse is the last and only one in Manhattan, and for these and many other reasons is well known by many. If you are interested in taking a tour or visiting this lighthouse, be sure to contact the Parks & Rec. Dept. of NYC.

Little Red Lighthouse (Jeffrey's Hook) Tourists

A photo of the Little Red Lighthouse (Jeffrey's Hook) with visitors.


Little Red Lighthouse (Jeffrey's Hook) While The Sun Sets

A look at the west while the sun sets at the Little Red Lighthouse (Jeffrey's Hook).


The Info Plaque At The Little Red Lighthouse (Jeffrey's Hook)

A close up look at the information board at the Little Red Lighthouse (Jeffrey's Hook).


A Drawing Of The Little Red Lighthouse (Jeffrey's Hook)

A picture of a picture of the Little Red Lighthouse (Jeffrey's Hook) in a book.


Under The Bridge The Little Red Lighthouse (Jeffrey's Hook) Sits

A nice view of the Little Red Lighthouse (Jeffrey's Hook) stationed under the bridge.

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    I found out about this lighthouse from Linda Fairstein’s book, Devil’s Bridge.

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