Titanic Memorial Lighthouse

The Titanic Memorial Lighthouse

A nice pic of the Titanic Memorial Lighthouse in New York.

The Titanic Memorial Lighthouse and Time Ball were mounted on top of the Seaman’s Church Institute on April 15, 1913, a year after the tragic incident with the ship. As the name suggests it was devoted in honor of the passengers, officers and the crew who drowned in the sinking.

The Titanic Memorial Lighthouse displays a fixed green light that is visible all the way through the New York Harbor and as far as Sandy Hook. Every day a time ball is lifted up to the top of a steel rod built above the lighthouse and it is dropped down as the clock strikes of twelve as signified over the wires from Washington D.C. The Titanic Memorial Lighthouse is a much required every day reminder for the people of the busiest city. The Seamen’s Church Institute was established in 1834 and they had then unveiled their plans about the construction of its 12 story command center at South Street and Coenties Slip at the Lower Manhattan, that is many years prior to the tragic loss of Titanic. A Flemish fashioned building which would bear witness to New York’s Dutch genesis was to be constructed with a tower at its highest point, whose beacon would welcome the arriving seamen. The cornerstone was laid a day after the sinking of Titanic and only a week the Institute announced that the Lighthouse was a memoir for the victims of the tragedy. The Titanic Memorial Lighthouse was raised actually by public donation. In 1913 it stood over the East River on the part of the old Seamen’s Church Institute on the corner of South Street and Coenties Slip. From 1913 to 1967 the time ball was without delay be hauled up and dropped at noon to signal the ships in the port. The mechanism of the time ball was triggered by a telegraphic indicator from the National Observatory located at Washington DC.

The Seamen’s Church Institute moved to its current location at 15 State Street in July 1968. The same year the Kaiser- Nelson Steel and Salvage Corporation contributed the Titanic Memorial Lighthouse to the South Street Seaport Museum. In May 1976, the Exxon Corporation aided the construction on the corner at the doorway to the museum compound.

Zoomed In Look At The Titanic Memorial Lighthouse

A photograph of the Titanic Memorial Lighthouse up close.


Tourists At The Titanic Memorial Lighthouse

A look at a few tourists taking pictures at the Titanic Memorial Lighthouse.


The Street Sign Of The Titanic Memorial Lighthouse

A look at the street sign located in front of the Titanic Memorial Lighthouse.


Info Plaque At The Titanic Memorial Lighthouse

A photo of the information plaque at the Titanic Memorial Lighthouse.


A Distant View Of The Titanic Memorial Lighthouse

A look at the Titanic Memorial Lighthouse from across the street.


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