North Carolina Lighthouses

North Carolina Lighthouses

With one of the most difficult shores to navigate, via sa, on the east coast is the state of North Carolina. This being the case, lighthouses in this area are tremendously popular and necessary in the eyes of just about every and anyone living there. Maritime history has shown that countless ships have suffered and never recovered as a result of the coast and sea floor in this area of the United States. The 10,000s of people who have been affected by such tragedies and accidents is possibly why so many love NC lighthouses, and why these structures have such a following.

The lighthouses in this area of the eastern shore has remarkable support, and even though many of them that are still standing are quite different than some of the original wooden structures that were used many years ago. Yes, the lighthouses of NC that are still standing today do not use whale oil to provide light to passing water vessels, but instead are using modern technology in such a way that they don’t even need a keeper to keep the lights on at night. Although there are modern aspects and elements now associated with North Carolina lighthouses, that does not diminish or take away from the historical background that this part of the USA has to offer.

Cape Lookout Lighthouse

The Cape Lookout Lighthouse

Ocracoke Island Lighthouse

The Ocracoke Island Lighthouse

Oak Island Lighthouse

The Oak Island Lighthouse

Currituck Beach Lighthouse

Bodie Island Lighthouse

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Cape Hatteras Lighthouse