Cape Lookout Lighthouse

The Cape Lookout Lighthouse

A nice look at the Cape Lookout Lighthouse.

The Cape Lookout Lighthouse was created by the year of 1859. It took about $45,000 to finish it and it stands there at its location with a total height measurement of 163 feet. It has a beacon that flashes with 1,000 watts and its gives out clear flashes everyday of the week, every fifteen seconds. It has double walls for its towers that measure about 9 feet in thickness. There is a total number of 216 steps that lead to its lantern room. It is considered to be the first lighthouse that is very tall right on the outer banks of the state of North Carolina.

It once played a very important role during the Civil Way and it was automated by year 1950. It is the only primary lighthouse that is still operation during daytime and can also be reached by boat. It has always been deemed important to have this lighthouse on the state’s outer banks due to numerous boat crashes and ship wrecks that happened through the years.

It surrounding area was helpful during the war as a stronghold for the military. Due to the bombings that happened, the original lighthouse version was destroyed and it ruined the entire lens of the lighthouse. For the succeeding year, the board in charge of the lighthouse relit it using some 3rd order Fresnel lens. Now, it is the Coast Guard who owns it and operates it with the National Park Service responsible for its maintenance. It is open to anyone who want to visit especially for numerous open house events.

A Far Out Look At The Cape Lookout Lighthouse

A look at the Cape Lookout Lighthouse from a bit of a distance.


An Evening Look At The Cape Lookout Lighthouse

What the Cape Lookout Lighthouse looks like at night.


The Cape Lookout Lighthouse Looks On As A Boat Passes By

A view of a small boat coasting by the Cape Lookout Lighthouse.


The Cape Lookout Lighthouse And Surrounding Area

A view of the Cape Lookout Lighthouse and the surrounding grounds.


The Cape Lookout Lighthouse Next To People Enjoying The Water

A look at visitors enjoying the water at the Cape Lookout Lighthouse.


The Cape Lookout Lighthouse Is Busy

As we can see, the Cape Lookout Lighthouse is busy with visitors.


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