Marblehead Lighthouse

The Marblehead Lighthouse

The Marblehead Lighthouse in the state of Ohio

If you are in search of the most photographed landmarks in Lake Erie, then this could be the Marblehead Lighthouse. It stands on nearby grounds that render amazing picnicking views that are perfect for families to hang out in. It also has a museum that is situated inside the Keeper’s House and it is managed by the Marblehead Lighthouse Historical Society. It is open each time the tower is also open.

If you plan to have a small picnic time in this area, you would find it very convenient since there are tables that are all made out of concrete pads. There are also several portable restrooms all over. You can also take advantage of the lighthouse tours being offered especially during the summer weekdays.

The Marblehead Lighthouse is one of the oldest types of lighthouse that is still continuing its operations right on the Great Lakes. It has safely guided a lot of sailors traveling to the rocky shores of its peninsula since the year of 1822. It was in 1819 when the need for its construction came to the minds of the 15th US Congress to guide the sailors traveling along the Great Lakes.

Its beacon started becoming automated by 1958 to make the job of the Coast Guard way easier. It was also the time when it was given a fresh coat of paint since its original finish became tattered due to natural causes of weather and time. Now it continues to shine to give protection to boaters from possible danger of the unpredictable waters of Lake Erie.

Early Morning At The Marlehead Lighthouse

The Marlehead Lighthouse as the sun comes up in Ohio.


A Picture Of The Top Of The Marlehead Lighthouse

A view focusing on the upper part of the Marlehead Lighthouse.


An Overcast Day At The Marlehead Lighthouse

A cool & cloudy day at the Marlehead Lighthouse in Ohio.


The Sun Goes Down At The Marlehead Lighthouse

Watching the sun go down in front of the Marlehead Lighthouse.


Welcome To The Marlehead Lighthouse

The welcome sign that is on the Marlehead Lighthouse grounds.


The Marblehead Lighthouse Aerial View

A birds eye view of the Marblehead Lighthouse in Ohio


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