East Wharf Lighthouse

The East Wharf Lighthouse

A look at the East Wharf Lighthouse in Oklahoma

East Wharf Lighthouse Details:

Location: Oklahoma
Date Built: 1999
Lodging: No
Height(Approximate): 35 Feet (11 meters)
Active: Yes
Open For Tours: No

The East Wharf lighthouse is the kind that you would make you wonder and be surprised that there is actually a lighthouse located in the Sooner State. It was since 1999 when this lighthouse began flashing its beacon at a height of its tower measuring about 40’. It gives you the view of the picturesque Lake Hefner along with Oklahoma City’s outskirts.

This lighthouse is still working and its overall project size is set at 180 square feet. It was built in just two months made out of panels of concrete and some application for its tilt up. It may not be as popular as the rest of the lighthouses you may find upon your research over the net, but this is definitely one of the most unique spots that Lake Hefner has to offer along with the common features it has like the jogging path, the playground and the marina.

It comes with a red light that works on a two second on and off routine but it remains on 24 hours a day, from dusk till dawn. It has served to be the backdrop for numerous events such as weddings and even for various magazine covers. Nearby is also a park that is ideal for those who own dogs and this is the OKC PawPark where you can have your dog leashless. It comes with a good number of museums along with this ideal lighthouse that stands unique with its color red on top. If you will visit Oklahoma City, then you better not miss on the East Wharf Lighthouse.

East Wharf Lighthouse Pictures:

The East Wharf Lighthouse In A Body Of Water

A picture of the East Wharf Lighthouse as it stands alone in a body of water.


Overcast Skies At The East Wharf Lighthouse

A view of the East Wharf Lighthouse on an overcast day.


Sunset At The East Wharf Lighthouse

A look of the sun going down at the East Wharf Lighthouse


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