Oregon Lighthouses

Oregon Lighthouses

For many people that love and follow lighthouses and their history, it seems that the state of Oregon is at the top of most of their lists. This state has done an excellent job of not only hosting history lighthouses, but taking care of and preserving them in such a way that will ensure that they continue standing for many years to come. With a nice amount of lighthouses throughout the coast of this western state, there is no reason to delay in paying a visit to all of the different light stations here in Oregon.

Some of the lighthouses in Oregon are situated in places that would make an individual wonder how a structure of that nature could sit there, and to do so for so many years. There are light stations in Oregon that are sitting on large rocks surrounded by water, and others they seem to be barely hanging on at the edge of cliffs with steep drops down to the ocean floor. All of the lighthouses in this state seem to have something particular about them that make them different that any other lighthouse, and these aspects seem to best enjoyed while visiting in person.

Doing a simple search on the internet for Oregon lighthouses, one will find endless webpages of people talking about their experiences while visiting the light stations in the state. Whether it was for a wedding event outside with a lighthouse a backdrop, or visiting a museum that talks about all of the history of not only the beacon but everything else in the area, or simply hosting an event for business or a certain cause… it is no wonder why so many people love Oregon lighthouses. We hope that the information you find here on this area of Lighthouseinn-ct.com will enable you to get exactly what it is you are looking for.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

The Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Heceta Head Lighthouse