Beavertail Lighthouse

The Beavertail Lighthouse

A photo of the Beavertail Lighthouse in Rhode Island


The Beavertail Lighthouse is one of the most visited tourist landmarks in Jamestown, Rhode Island. This is because of the amazing panoramic views that it offers especially of the Narragansett Bay. It is situated right on the tip of the map of Jamestown and it has a museum that is full of amazing artifacts. It is also considered to be the third in the oldest lighthouses in North America. You would treated to the English type of hospitality upon your visit in this place and also know more of the various elements of the maritime life in the region of Narragansett Bay.

The exact dwelling place of the lighthouse was created way back in 1898. This was where the housekeeper lives who was in charge of maintaining its beacon and the foghorn. It was built earlier than the lighthouse itself. The entire foghorn system though of the lighthouse was completely destroyed due to a hurricane that hit it in 1938. It soon was led to other causes of its remains being ruined as well.

Today, the challenge to restore the Beavertail Lighthouse continues. It was just last summer when the restoration started for both the lighthouse and the houses of the keepers. It was handled by the ABCRE Restorations team and their efforts became such a virtual success since they made the building parge-coated as if it glows upon the sun’s reflection. This work has just started and there is still so much more to expect from this restoration and development.

An Overcast Day At The Beavertail Lighthouse

A cool and cloudy day at the Beavertail Lighthouse


Beavertail Lighthouse As The Sun Comes Up

A view of the Beavertail Lighthouse as the sun is coming up.


Sunset At The Beavertail Lighthouse

A look as the sun goes down at the Beavertail Lighthouse


The Beavertail Lighthouse In The Evening

An amazing picture of the Beavertail Lighthouse in the early night hours.



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