Port Isabel Lighthouse

The Port Isabel Lighthouse In Texas

A pretty nice picture of the Port Isabel Lighthouse.

The Port Isabel Lighthouse can be found in the complex of Port Isabel along with its other tourist facilities especially the museums such as the Port Isabel Historic Museum and the Treasures of the Gulf Museum. All three facilities can be easily reached just by walking and it is open to the public any time of the year.

The lighthouse was made way back in 1852 and it is with the purpose of protecting the travelers that arrive by ships. It was in 1952 when it was considered to be a State Park and it is the only public lighthouse right on the Texas Gulf coast. Its Keeper’s Cottage is also open to the public and is located on the ground of the lighthouse itself. This is where you can purchase your ticket fees to the lighthouse.

The Port Isabel Lighthouse is just the right spot for the families to visit and have fun. They even offer movie screenings that are perfect for young children and adults to see such as ‘Toy Story 3’, ‘Rango’, ‘Tangled’ and the likes. The restoration of this lighthouse was completely done by 2000 to think that its last renovation was made way back in 1880. The restoration included activities of complete metal casting plus some fabrication. It also had a lot of new coatings plus a great deal of masonry.

It sits on a grassy area where the visitors can hang around and even relax. There are also lots of picnic tables which can be used by families and small groups.

Portrait Of The Port Isabel Lighthouse

This portrait of the Port Isabel Lighthouse could actually be a picture.


An Evening At The Port Isabel Lighthouse

A nice photo of the Port Isabel Lighthouse at dusk.


A Plaque At The Port Isabel Lighthouse

The plaque that stands in front of the Port Isabel Lighthouse


The Port Isabel Lighthouse Indoor Stairs

Here is a look at the staircase inside the Port Isabel Lighthouse


Above All Stands The Port Isabel Lighthouse

A look from below the Port Isabel Lighthouse.


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