Patos Island Lighthouse

The Patos Island Lighthouse

A cloudy day at the Patos Island Lighthouse in Washington.

Patos Island Lighthouse or Patos Island Light Station is located the west tip of the Patos Island at Alden Point. Patos Island was earlier known as the Isla de Patos which in Spanish means “Islands of Ducks”. It was a 210 acre area which was a famous hideout for smugglers as it was full of trees and caves.

Originally, Patos Island Light Station a light post and a low standard fog signal with Daboll trumpet. Only after 30th November, 1893, was it actually used. It was used by steamships that sailed through the Boundary Pass channel, from Nanaimo, British Columbia to Alaska, flanking to the island. The most popular light keeper known was Edward Durgan, who came to the island with his wife and thirteen children in 1905. He earlier served at Turning Point Light house. Patos Island Light Station was desired by many keepers because of its mild climate, however it was extremely lonely. The only bad memory of the lighthouse is when three children died of small pox because of it been so isolated and so the medical aid failing to reach on time.

In 1908, the light station was renovated into a 38 feet high tower and a new fog signal. The tower has a fourth ordered Fresnel lens housing in it. The other constructions present around where two staff quarters, water tanks and a ramp for boats. In 1974, the lights were mechanized. At present, Patos Island Lighthouse flashes a white light at the rate of one flash every six seconds and marks dangerous shoals with two red sectors. By 1958, the keeper’s quarters were worn out and a new two – storey duplex was constructed for the attendants of the Coast Guard. In 2005, the Orcas Island Fire Department was given a contract by Bureau of Land Management to terminate the duplex because it had become a safety peril as of corrosion and wreckage.

The Patos Island Lighthouse is a part of Patos Island State Park. The fourth–ordered Fresnel lens was reused by the Alki Point Lighthouse and now is put on show at the Admiralty Head Lighthouse located in Washington.

Patos Island Lighthouse At Sunset

The sun sets after a long day at the Patos Island Lighthouse.


Tourists Enjoy The Patos Island Lighthouse

A look at a few tourists having fun at the Patos Island Lighthouse.


Coral Reef Below The Patos Island Lighthouse

A picture taken of the Patos Island Lighthouse from the corals below.


Picture From Above The Patos Island Lighthouse

A shot of an aerial view of the Patos Island Lighthouse.


Patos Island Lighthouse From A Lower View

A picture of the Patos Island Lighthouse from a lower level.

  1. Linda Hudson Said,


    I am president of the Patos Lighthouse friend group, Keepers of the Patos Light. The picture of the kite flyers at the lighthouse was taken by our volunteer, Carla Chalker, and actually shows our Lighthouse Docent/Volunteers relaxing after a hard days’ work on Patos Island.

    The Patos Lighthouse Fresnel Lens is not currently a Admiralty Head lighthouse, but is in private ownership in Oregon.

    For more information on Patos Island and Keepers of the Patos Light, email us at

    Thanks for your interest.

  2. Ed Wilson Said,

    I was in the Coast Guard and stationed at Patos Island Lighthouse around 1948 thru 1951. I was 17 just out of Boot Camp not knowing what to expect. It turned out they were wonderful years and I still long to return again to renew the not forgotten past.

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