A Few Lighthouses For Sale

As of late we have had a lot of requests for a list of lighthouses that are for sale. While we do have a list lighthouses that are for sale all over the world, we have not been able to list them yet. So we figured we should at list mention a website that has a list of about 7 lighthouses for sale from all over. You can check out the details, pictures, etc HERE.

If you end up finding a lighthouse you like, and eventually buy it… please let us know as we would love to do a feature about you and your purchase. And if asked how you find the article, please feel free to mention Enjoy!

  1. Mary Schnabel Said,

    Hello, I came across your site while searching for specific sites that feature Lighthouses for Sale. How would I go about listing a lighthouse on your site?

  2. Kelly Fitzpatrick Said,

    Please alert me to lighthouses for sale or available for custodial residency.
    Kelly Fitzpatrick

  3. Jim Whalen Said,

    Looking for a light house to purchuse on the east cost maine massachusetts nh vermont. Will consider long term lease. I am also available to be a light house keeper. Give me a call you will not be sorry


  4. Nancy Smith Said,

    Am interested in know if I might use your pictures of lighthouses for a craft I sell. We print images on a cd, put a clock in them and cover the image with an acrylic finish. Lighthouses are one that I make and people like. I am always looking for images I can use. Please let me know your views on this please. Thank you Nancy

  5. DENNIS Said,


  6. Corrinna Meeks Said,

    I would like to buy/rent/ renovate a lighthouse, preferably southern placesas in VA and down the east coast.
    Please contact me with any information

  7. Darlin Bonchek Said,

    I am looking to buy a lighthouse in Canada. A few were mentioned.although not sure how to connect with the sellers of those lighthouses. Any help would be appreciated.
    Darlin Bonchek

  8. Albert Barquinero Said,

    Would love to rent/buy or be a light house keeper in the Jacksonville FL area. Thank you!
    Albert B.

  9. James Rakestraw Said,

    Where is this Lighthouse?

  10. Rand Smith Said,

    Hello Friends, I’ve been a Long Time Lover of Lighthouse Life and would appreciate any tips from Keepers and Current Successful Bid Buyers who’ve been fortunate to acquire a Lighthouse. My Wife and I would like to dedicate the rest of our healthy years to Maintaining one and the grounds that surround it, California Central Coast as a preference. The Very Best to You All, in your endeavors to obtain, rent, restore, one of these Enchanting Structures.
    Contact :

  11. mike Said, has a lighthouse for sale if you want to live in Alaska

  12. Connie Montgomery Said,

    I am very interested in the lighthouse on Lake Michigan and would really appreciate a list of Lighthouses for sale.

  13. ALAN BARBOZA Said,

    I’am interested in purchasing or renting a light house on long lease basis any where in the U.S.A.


  14. mel Said,

    It is my dream to live in a lighthouse,I am a British lady,I think I could make a lovely bed and breakfast from a lighthouse.
    Any ideas and what would it cost me.

  15. Kevin Turner Said,

    Hello, Dear All,

    Before my Dad and I moved back to the City of St. Louis, Missouri in April of 2010, we lived about 50 miles south of St. Louis near a town known as DeSoto on a private, 100 acre, spring fed gated Lake Community known as: Valle Lake for the past 37 years, so I am used to being surrounded by Nature for it sustains my spiritualism as an Artist. Over 35 Years Fine Art Experience. I also plan to move sometime in the nearby future to the state of Florida, and I’ve always had this fascination with Lighthouses by the ocean which would mean the world to Me as a Lifetime passion to actually own one and to make into my own Art Gallery and Shop. Any or all replies will be greatly appreciated.

  16. Jennifer knowles Said,

    My intentions are to retire at an old abandoned lighthouse somewhere. Any information phones for sale would be great please contact me at thank you in advance

  17. Mary Said,

    Looking for a list of lighthouse homes for sale in U.S.

  18. Bill Said,

    Would love to hear about opportunities to buy/own/renovate lighthouses on Pacific/Atlantic or Gulf coasts

  19. Michael J. Kramer Said,

    Would also like to see a list of available light houses on the west coast, (Calif.)

  20. Mike Ditty Said,

    My lighthouse is for sale on Lake Superior

  21. Mike Ditty Said,

    My Lighthouse is for sale on Lake Superior In Michigan, We run it as a Bed and Breakfast, but we are not selling it as a business. see our web site

  22. Don Yielding Said,

    Interested in information on how to buy a live in lighthouse

  23. Rose Rosen Said,

    My name is Rose Pacult,
    My grandfather owned a lighthouse, which he renovated and turned into his home.
    He left it to someone very close to him under dear circumstances.
    I wish to do the same. I am not of great means, however I would try my best to make someone
    comfortable to leave such beautiful sights in my hands.
    I am an author and artist in search of refuge from cities.
    Please contact me.
    Thank you

  24. Rose Rosen Said,

    Also I am interested in anywhere in the US / Canada.
    My grandfather owned Cape Pine Lighthouse in Newfoundland.

  25. carole matthews Said,

    Wish to buy lighthouse in Florida

  26. Mike Ditty Said,

    Our Lighthouse is for sale, It was built in 1869, It is turn key, only usual home maintenance to do
    we live here 12 months a year. There is 2.1 acres on the lot. lighthouse with attached keepers house
    There was a large living rm and dining room added in the 60s. The house is appx 3300 sq feet
    There is also a oil house, a 2 car garage that was a barn. a large out building with sauna.
    another building with 3 rooms with complete plumbing one room is finished.
    Also a sauna in basement of house
    newer steel roof on house and other building
    web site
    we are running it as a B&B, continue to do that or just live in it and don’t be a B&B
    All advanced reservations will be honored with sale
    Price is $800,000

  27. carole matthews Said,

    need to buy lighthouse for sale soon

  28. carole matthews Said,

    Wish to buy lighthouse Dec 2017

  29. Mike Ditty Said,

    Item 26 above our lighthouse is for sale. We are closing Jan 1st 2019 due health issues and other issues out of our control. The lighthouse will remain for sale until sold. Thank you to all our wonderful previous guests.See our web site the bottom icon first page the for sale button shows a survey done in the 60s
    with out the 26 X 28 new building on the adjacent lot which is included in the sale. The could be used as a private
    home or you could rent rooms.

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