Lighthouse Decor

Lighthouse Decor

Why is there a category dedicated entirely to lighthouse decor? For many of us it isn’t enough to just go and visit a lighthouse, take a tour, snap a few pictures with our camera, or to even spend the night at a lighthouse hotel with friends and/or family. With that said, there are still those of us who love lighthouses so much that they affect the way we decorate our own home. We find ourselves looking for lighthouse trinkets to put in our kitchen, bathrooms, walls, front yard lawn, backyard, and really any in or outdoor spot in our own homes. Below you here are some of the other categories in this section of the website that are related to lighthouse decor:

Lighthouse Pictures – In this area of the website you will find a never ending source of images of lighthouses from all over the globe. This will include photos that have been found on other websites, taken by amateurs, and sent to us via email to be featured on the website. If you have a question or concern about any of the pics seen on this website, please contact us.

Aside from the categories shown above, you may be wondering what are some of the lighthouse themed items that people use when decorating their homes, and if so consider the following types of popular lighthouse decorations that people are using. There is a very very long list of things people use to decorate their homes, offices, and businesses with lighthouse themed items. One very bold and popular way for people to use lighthouse decoration as a way to show that they both love and adore lighthouses is having a lighthouse rug in an area that they frequently use. In many cases lighthouse rugs are not very small and easy to overlook, but instead anyone who walks in a room with a lighthouse theme rug on the floor… it becomes pretty obvious that someone there is into lighthouses. If you were get a group of people together that loves lighthouses to figure out all of the different types of outdoor items that can come with some form of a lighthouse on it, that list could be pretty long. One of the most produced lighthouse themed products for outside are lighthouse lamps; whether they are powered by batteries, with solar panels for the sun, or need to be plugged in… these products come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Another popular choice that people make when decorating the outside of their homes are miniature lighthouse figurines that are often put in the front yard or in the back of the house. Although the word miniature was used, the actual sizes of these can very from as small as a few inches tall all the way up to 8+ feet high; miniature is used because these products are smaller than the actual life size lighthouse. Another lighthouse decor idea that is often seen at the homes of people who enjoy and use lighthouse decorations is that of tables and chairs with their favorite light station on it as a part of the design. Some take their love for lighthouses to a pretty unique level by getting nature involved by have birds and other animals to see these objects, although these animals obviously have no idea what a lighthouse is, by having bird houses and bird feeders styled and replicated with a lighthouse in mind. There are men and women who work for mail carriers that quite often get reminded of a lighthouse or lighthouses in general for the reason that when they are at working making their deliveries, they find people who use a lighthouse mail box to receive any correspondence that is sent to them in the mail.

With all the above mentioned ways that one could decorate with lighthouse themed items, there are even more obvious ways that people go about putting their lighthouse decor ideas in practice. One of those extremely obvious ways people theme their personal space with lighthouse decorations whether it is a bedroom, bathroom, office, living room, etc is wall paper. In most cases people use wall paper as a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to give the walls in a room a subtle boost, but when lighthouse wall paper is used there is no way to hide that and basically whoever enters the room will notice that interior design move. Another good way to express the love one has for lighthouses is to have a wall clock that has a light station on it because every time someone looks to check the time, they will obviously see the theme of the clock. A unique form of decorating with light stations in mind is using and hanging a lighthouse mirrors, which will give attention to the lighthouse that is inscribed on the mirror each time someone uses the mirror and looks at themselves. One form of decor that is not as noticeable as some of the other mentioned is a coffee table with a lighthouse on it. What makes it not as obvious as some of the other mentioned types lighthouse decor is that typically a person is not taking too much time to analyze and observe that is on a coffee table. By far one the most popular ways people go about decorating their homes with nautical and lighthouse themed objects are lighthouse replicas and models. Year after year replicas of lighthouses are getting increasingly popular for people who dream of visiting a specific light station that they have visited as well as people who have visited a certain lighthouse plenty of times but want to have a constant reminder of it ; thus they have a miniature of it.

There are still more people who want to have lighthouse decor be a part of their life that CANNOT be ignored, and that is exactly why some people put lighthouses in various areas of their kitchen. Some people invest in kitchen storage and containers that are designed with lighthouses both famous and unknown on them. Others decide to have their cutlery covered in lighthouse and nautical themed decorations; yes we are talking about forks, knives, spoons, etc. Of course we have all at one time or another see coffee mugs and tea cups with a lighthouse printed on the side or even inside of the cup. The lighthouse decor in the kitchen doesn’t end there with those items either. People quite often use lighthouse garbage cans in this area of the house, and lighthouse cutting boards for cutting fruits and vegetables. We all know that when using a sharp knife when cutting anything in the kitchen, it is important to keep focused on that and nothing else… but those who think lighthouse decorations are important don’t have an issue with this. One pretty new design idea for lighthouse decor is the lighthouse towel dispenser and even cabinets and extra storage that are themed and designed with someone’s favorite lighthouse in mind. Of course there are other areas in the house that are the perfect stage for displayed one’s love for lighthouses and for many that is the bathroom. In the bathroom lighthouse decorations can be used by way of lighthouse toilet seats which are seen during some of the most personal times for any individual; yet many are interested in involving lighthouses during that time. Other lighthouse decor products that are getting more popular are lighthouse tissue boxes, lighthouse theme soap dispensers, ceramic tiles with a lighthouse design, and lotion pumps with lighthouses on them.

Moving to another area of one’s house, an area that is where most people spend a large part of their life, the bedroom. For those who are simply crazy about lighthouses go as far as having lighthouse decoration affect the linens they use in their bedrooms. Quite often what is seen in the bedrooms of these people are lighthouse sheets, pillow cases with lighthouses on them, bedspreads and comforters that are lighthouse themed, light switch covers with a lighthouse on it, pictures and posters of a favorite lighthouse, and even lighthouse towels. All of the above mentioned items that people use when decorating with lighthouses in mind is pretty long, but there are still tons of other products that have not been accounted for. These lighthouse decoration trinkets are lighthouse candle holders that people use for times when the power is out and the owner can get a sense of joy and satisfaction that a lighthouse is provided the light that they need. Other items would be lighthouse candy, doormats with lighthouses printed in them, lighthouse table clocks, lighthouse wall stickers that both adults and children request and use, ceiling fans with lighthouses on the blades, and custom items such as checker and chess tables with a lighthouse theme.

The above mentioned content will surprise some because they had no idea that many of the above mentioned items not only exist, but even more is the fact that people buy those things. What one must remember that there are those who take their love for lighthouses to a whole different level by those who even go as far as getting lighthouse tattoos on their body, so they can permanently express their admiration for lighthouses. If any of the above describes you, then you are at the right place. We will do our best to try to list as many options/ideas that come to mind having to do with lighthouses; whether you are decorating your home or body. If at any time you feel something is missing, please contact us and let us know. Enjoy!

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