Lighthouse Vacations

Lighthouse Vacations

If you stumbled upon this page you were probably looking for something related to getting the most out of your lighthouse vacation. If that is the case, then you are definitely in the right place because everything mentioned in this category or in the sub-categories below is designed to help you make sure your vacation at a lighthouse is like no other. To help you both prepare for and enjoy your trip we have sections dedicated entirely on the topics below:

Lighthouse Hotels & Accommodations – There are times when we want to get away from the day to day activities in life, and escape to a peaceful and relaxing change in pace. Going to a lighthouse hotel can be an excellent way to do that whether traveling alone, with friends and/or family. The challenge, at times, is trying to find out which light house accommodations can best fit what we are looking for. Here we list a hotels as well as what you can expect if you decide to visit any of the ones we mention here on the website.

Lighthouse Inn – When it comes to taking a vacation and wanting to have comfortable lodging, staying at a lighthouse inn is probably by far the most popular amount the different types of accommodations that lighthouses provide. There are countless numbers of lighthouse inns around the world, and for that reason in this section we will write and post specific articles about as many of them that we can find. If you want to request or suggest information about a specific inn, please be sure to contact us so that we can add it to this section of the website.

Lighthouse Lodges & Lodging – When planning a trip to do some sight seeing, lodging is usually both a concern and a necessity and for that reason you will find a variety of lighthouse lodging that you can take advantage of. You will find prices, deals (but no promises can be made), pictures, and reviews from individuals who have actually stayed and taken advantage of this lodging.

Lighthouse Resorts – Can you see yourself staying at a oceanfront lighthouse resort with you loved ones? If not, you have come to the right place because you will find a long list of these types of accommodations. There are lighthouses that provide everything you need for a weekend, week, or more for the perfect getaway. At such locations you can have activities like boating, fishing, relaxing, RVing, clubs, weddings, and the list goes on and on. Understand why it’s not such a bad idea to imagine yourself at a lighthouse resort?

Lighthouse Suites – When one is seeking a luxurious getaway where both pampering one’s self, as well as being pampered… a lighthouse suite could be the perfect vacation to enjoy such. There is nothing like being in a suite with ocean views that not only provide a spectacular view, but also the smells and sights of the open ocean. Along with that having as much or as little technology that one might be looking to have or avoid, and room service that encourages you to stay in your room for days on end. If you are looking for any or all of the above, here you will find some of the recommended suites that are in select lighthouses all over the world.

Sure there is the possibility that while tons of people spend time taking a lighthouse vacation, there are even more people who have no idea why people actually take vacations in lighthouses. In the above mentioned categories it is obvious that there are plenty of ways to get away to take a break from life’s daily activities in a lighthouse. While going to a normal resort in no matter what part of the world one may be in, staying at a lighthouse offers quite a different experience. The fact is that lighthouse vacations typically do not come with all the bells and whistles that a resort or big name resort provides, but at the same time there are pro’s to taking this type of trip. One of the biggest being the fact that the service that is typically provided when staying at a lighthouse is a lot more personal and tailored to each guest at the lighthouse grounds.

Often many people ask us what are some of the things that one can do while taking a vacation at a lighthouse, and that is a very good question. One thing that most people enjoy when taking a lighthouse vacation is the natural elements of the grounds of the lighthouse. Whether that is looking far out into the ocean, sitting at the end of the shore and watching the waves come in an out while enjoying deep thinking, watching the wildlife that often time comes with lighthouses, and maybe taking tours of the grounds by way of hikes and other history aspects of the area. Another aspect that many lighthouses have to offer to their visitors and guests is the fact that often times they are accompanied by museums, and they often times have programs that allow their visitors to understand exactly what is involved with being a lighthouse inn keeper. Of course one is not to overlook the home style bed and breakfast services that most lighthouse vacation spots offer their overnight guests. The last thing that we will mention to keep in mind when deciding if a lighthouse vacation is for you is the fact that often times lighthouses have anniversaries and during these times they offer all types of events that their guests, and other times there are events like boat races and other events that often times are hosted near our around lighthouses.

Have you ever taken a vacation at a lighthouse and you want to share your experience with the rest of the world? If so, please use the contact us form on our website to tell us your story and we will be sure to post it on our website within a reasonable amount of time for our audience to get your opinion on lighthouse vacations, whether or not you are commenting about your individual vacation or these types of trips in general. Another thing we are constantly looking for is to hear from lighthouse owners who want to spread the word and get the word out that they are accepting guests and visitors to take a lighthouse vacation. While we may edit the information that is sent to us from lighthouse owners, in an effort to make sure the way the information fits with our website, we will of course love to list any information about a lighthouse vacation destination for the benefit of our visitors.

In the future we plan on adding more sub categories to this section of the website because there are plenty of things that can be said, shared, and learned when it comes to take a trip and staying at a lighthouse. If this is something that you have never experienced or thought about doing, take some time and read the articles you find here to see what type of accommodations are available to those who are looking for a relaxing trip. One thing that you should remember is that before you decide to stay at a lighthouse, be sure that all of the amenities you will need for your lighthouse vacation is available. It is safe to assume that a big name hotel or resort will automatically have things like a TV, cable, internet service, room service, etc. When it comes to staying a lighthouse, many times all of these things are not available, and for that reason be sure to check this website or even better get in contact with the lighthouse you plan on vacationing at to make sure they have the services you need. Another thing to remember is that many times lighthouses that offer lodging for visitors are many times not in a big city with many stores or restaurants, so one might want to do the homework needed to find out what services and activities are around the the area you may be staying at for your lighthouse vacation.

The Lighthouse Gulf Shores

The Lighthouse Gulf Shore Front Aerial View

West Point Lighthouse (Canada)

The West Point Lighthouse