Lighthouses by State

Lighthouses by State

In this section of the website you will find a list of all the lighthouses within the territory of the United States of America. Report has it that there are somewhere around 1,000 lighthouses or light stations throughout the the USA. Although lighthouses are not used or needed as much as they were in times past, they are becoming increasingly popular by the day by people of all ages, languages, countries and cultures. It is primarily for this reason has been working on featuring all of the USA lighthouses.

While the number of privately owned and operated United States lighthouses is small when compared to the number that are maintained by the Coast Guard, both groups will be featured in this section of the website. While this area of the website will focus on lighthouses stationed in the United States of America, there is another section on the website that features lighthouses in other parts of the world. This is a list that is growing by the day, so please feel free to recommend USA light stations that you do not currently see listed on this part of the website that you are sure are in the USA by using the contact us page.

Look at the LIST TO THE RIGHT with all of the states in the USA that have lighthouses

Isle Royale Lighthouse (Menagerie Island)

Indian Country Sports Lighthouse (L’Anse)

Ida Lewis Rock Lighthouse (Lime Rock)

Huron Island Lighthouse

Hog Island Shoal Lighthouse

Herrick Cove Lighthouse

Grosse Ile North Channel Range Front Lighthouse

Green Bay Harbor Entrance Lighthouse

Grays Reef Lighthouse

Plymouth Lighthouse (Gurnet)

The Plymouth Lighthouse