Georgia Lighthouses

Georgia Lighthouses

Georgia is a state that is decent in size, when compared to others in the USA, and it has a historic background that dates back into the 1700s and of course it hosts a number of lighthouses; otherwise it wouldn’t have a section of this website dedicated to it. One thing we want to make sure of is that you don’t confuse the USA state of Georgia with the country that bears the same name; but there are lighthouses there and there is a section dedicated to it as well. While most of the state us surrounded by other states and not much of its boarder touches water, the part that does actually has lighthouses to help maritime travelers to get back and dock safely.

Below you will find detailed pictures, information, history, and maps of the light stations in Georgia that are still standing and have made it through the years. Georgia lighthouses could definitely use more support and help to make sure they are not demolished as well as give them the maintenance and renovation that many of them need. While currently there is no organization with the soul focus on providing just that, the support of locals and visitors to the lighthouses in Georgia has helped them stay afloat in recent years. This support has been so extensive that at least 3 of the lighthouses here have been recently restored and renovated and thus will enable to them to be around for many years to come. There is also a lighthouse that right now is specifically trying to raise funds and awareness to give it the support it needs to prevent it from becoming some fragile and corroded that it cannot bear it’s own weight anymore.

The support and love for the light stations in Georgia is not something that is new, but something that has been the case historically. That is obvious from the fact that at one point there were at least 15 lighthouses in the state, and all of them being used to help protect the coastline. The few that remain have a history that can be appreciated, whether or not they are the ones that made it through the civil war or the ones that were constructed afterwards. While you are here visiting, Enjoy!

Tybee Island Lighthouse

The Tybee Island Lighthouse