Michigan Lighthouses

Michigan Lighthouses

When taking a look at Lake Michigan, it is very obvious that lighthouses are much used, loved, and respected. There is literally nowhere that anyone can go on the lake without noticing one of the many lighthouses shining in the distance. With more than 100 lighthouses sitting on the shores of this lake the state of Michigan itself can boast about having a large variety itself. When people sit on the shores, or they’re cruising along in the water the amount lighthouses that can be seen at times gives a person the feeling that these lighthouses are like stars lighting up the night sky and allowing people to safely navigate through the waters. Of course there is plenty of technology that makes it so sailors and maritime travelers do not have to rely entirely on lighthouses and Michigan, but even still they are loved and appreciated by anyone passing the area.

While many of the lighthouses and Michigan are not there with a focus of providing lighting aids to anyone in the water, but instead they are still there and taken care of providing a rich and vast history of events that’s a place in the area. Most of the Michigan lighthouses are still standing provide not only a historical background but also museums that teach and educate people about the lighthouse itself as well as the surrounding areas. So whether or not you live in the area of Lake Michigan, in the state of Michigan, or you are simply looking for a place to travel… just about anyone who is familiar with Michigan’s lighthouses would encourage you to spend as much time there as possible to take in all the sights and sounds of the light stations in this part of the United States. Below you will find plenty of information, pictures, maps, and more about all of the light stations in this wonderful state.

Isle Royale Lighthouse (Menagerie Island)

Indian Country Sports Lighthouse (L’Anse)

Huron Island Lighthouse

Grosse Ile North Channel Range Front Lighthouse

Grays Reef Lighthouse