Grosse Ile North Channel Range Front Lighthouse


Location: Michigan
Date Built: 1906
Lodging: No
Height(Approximate): 50 Feet (15 Meters)
Active: No
Open For Tours: Yes

In the early 1900s, the midwestern United States was booming. The opportunities for success were plentiful, and many people relocated to the region to grab their piece of the pie. The state of Michigan was no exception to this trend, especially on the shores of the Detroit River. There were many commercial projects and industries that were situated along the coast of the river, which generated a large amount of water vessels passing through the area. As growth in the area increased, the amount of maritime travel did as well. Soon, the need for a lighthouse to help guide the heavy maritime traffic became evident, and the Grosse Ile North Channel Range Front Lighthouse entered the planning stages.

A request was made to Congress for the construction, and the request was granted in 1891. Although the lighthouse we see today has replaced the light station the was originally built, the current Grosse Ile North Channel Range Front Lighthouse is more than 100 years old. While there is no longer a lantern sitting at the top of the light station, many tourists still appreciate the vintage style.

Behind the lighthouse sits a brick building that piques much curiosity among tourists. This building was used as a one-room lodge for the keeper and their family when the original lighthouse was still in use. However, when the lighthouse was expanded, it was equipped with living quarters. It may seem like a waste of resources to build a separate structure for lodging, and then expand the lighthouse to include living quarters, but originally there was a front and rear light that the lighthouse keeper was charged with operating, and the small brick building sat between the two lanterns. In time, the channels changed and the rear lighthouse was no longer needed. Unfortunately, it was destroyed and only the front lighthouse remains today.








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