New Hampshire Lighthouses

New Hampshire Lighthouses

Often times mentioned and associated with the state of New England, New Hampshire can stand in its own right for many of the things that it is known for; one of them being lighthouses. Just because it is one of the smallest states in the USA does not mean that it is insignificant or not worthy enough to have it’s own share of historic lighthouses that people living in or visiting the northeastern USA can feel free to enjoy. This state’s rich history and detail background is an excellent site to host a variety of light houses that can be found on the coast, as well as further inland. When observing some of the lighthouses that are in this state and where they are located, many times in areas that one would assume a lighthouse could not safely stand erect, it is clear that the state does a good job of living up to the state motto which is: “live free or die.”

As mentioned… the lighthouses in the state of New Hampshire are both on the coastline of the state, which is only about 17-18 miles long, and around some of the lakes in the state. The lighthouses that are on the coast of the state are quite important since they play a key role in providing light and helping the ships dock safely that come in with shipments from other parts of the world. NH also receives a decent amount of cargo that is shipped there due to trade and other business deals that this section of the USA depends on. It is because of these and many other factors that New Hampshire Lighthouses receive quite a bit of support to help keep them in a good and working condition. When looking at them in person or in a photography, it isn’t too often that you will notice that one of the lights in NH need drastic repairs of any sort. The preservation of the lighthouses in New Hampshire really is one of the best examples we of how lighthouses the world over can and should be maintained and cared for.

Therefore, we encourage you to enjoy the New Hampshire lighthouses that are listed below. If there are any additional details you need or questions that need answering, please feel free to contact us.

Herrick Cove Lighthouse

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

The Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse