Herrick Cove Lighthouse


Location: New Hampshire
Date Built: 1893
Lodging: No
Height(Approximate): 27 Feet (8 Meters)
Active: Yes
Open For Tours: No

Being the oldest of three lighthouses in Lake Sunapee, the Herrick Cove light station has been around for more than 100 years. In the early 1890s, The Woodsum Brothers built the lighthouse to protect their steamboats that were navigating the waters at the time. Many tourists came to see the brother’s steamboat business and their lovely lighthouse.

The area was hit hard by the Depression, and the local economy was decimated. As a result, the lighthouse fell into a state of disrepair. Around 1960, the local economy began to pick up, and the lighthouse was once again needed to guide passing ships. As such, the lighthouse was renovated and rebuilt to once again light up the waters of Lake Sunapee.

In 1983, the Herrick Cove Lighthouse suffered damage from a particularly harsh winter. Funds provided by public resources allowed the lighthouse to be promptly repaired. In 2003, the lighthouse was lifted by helicopter and taken to land for a short while to provide much needed maintenance.

While the Herrick Cove Lighthouse is not open for tours, you can still view this beautiful lighthouse from the scenic shores of Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire. If you know of a particularly good area of the lake to see the lighthouse from, we would appreciate you sharing the location in the comments below.

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