Rhode Island Lighthouses

Rhode Island Lighthouses

Although the state of Rhode Island is not one of the large ones located in the USA, the coastline is quite lengthy and for that reason has a very nice variety of lighthouses still standing until this day. With more than 20 Rhode Island lighthouses standing at work today, which leaves plenty of opportunities for anyone to enjoy what this aspect of the state has to offer its visitors.

Not only does the diversity of the light stations in this state make it among the favorites within the lighthouse enthusiast community but also the fact that Rhode Island has had lighthouse structures at work dating as far back as 1749. The love and support of lighthouses in Rhode Island is so strong that pretty much year around locals and visitors can take guided tours which gives an up close and personal look at these historic structures along with plenty of intimate details that one otherwise would not be made aware of. Generally these tours last all day and include visits to a handful of light stations that are situated on a specific area, and depending on the tour that is chosen… guests can expect to receive a hardy lunch as well as all of the accessories needed to make the trip both enjoyable and educational.

For these and other details stay tuned and look down below for detailed information about these tours and other events that will be taking place at our around your favorite Rhode Island lighthouse.

Ida Lewis Rock Lighthouse (Lime Rock)

Hog Island Shoal Lighthouse

Beavertail Lighthouse

The Beavertail Lighthouse