Green Bay Harbor Entrance Lighthouse

Location: Wisconsin
Date Built: 1935
Lodging: No
Height(Approximate): 72 Feet (22 Meters)
Active: Yes
Open For Tours: No

Built on an old dock in Green Bay, construction began on the Green Bay Harbor Entrance Lighthouse in 1934. Special care was given in making sure the lighthouse contained a light that could sufficiently increase the safety of vessels that would pass by this area, and a fog signal that would be able to be seen during thick fogs that the area is known for. Another unique aspect of the Green Bay Harbor Entrance Lighthouse was that this light needed to sit on a submarine base. Some people think that it looks like the light station is floating on the water, but it is actually sitting on a pier. At the time of construction, the pier went down some 24 feet, and was then felled with rocks. From there a 2.5 foot thick slab of concrete was placed on top of the pier. Directly above that thick slab is an 18 foot tall area that was built for storage and machinery. Above this circular base sits the actual lighthouse.

Many people think that the portholes going around the base are windows into living quarters, but that is not the case with this light station. Instead, the portholes are there to provide light to the area below. The area above is where the living quarters are located. Staying at this lighthouse oftentimes mean staying there for 2 weeks at a time, which generally was a responsibility that was rotated among 2 people in the US Coast Guards employ. The only way to leave the lighthouse was to lower a boat using a crane. The lighthouse continued to be operated in this manner until 1979, when the lighthouse was fully automated.

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