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Here at you will find any and everything related to lighthouses, and that is truly our goal when it comes to this website. Sure you could search around online and read a wide variety of websites about lighthouses, go to a library and read books dedicated to them, or even visit a lighthouse museum… but here we want to give you another resource. Below are some of the lighthouse pictures and categories you can expect to see on the website:

Lighthouse Decor – For many of us we do not have the luxury of having a lighthouse anywhere near our home, and for that reason aren’t able to see them as we’d like to. One remedy for that is decorating both inside and outside of our homes with lighthouse paraphernalia such as candles, pictures, toys, lights, yard ornaments, and more. We will be sure to list any and all of those things here in this section of the website.

History Of Lighthouses – There are 1000s of lighthouses all around the world, and each of them have their story to tell which adds to the history of lighthouses. They have been around for 100s of years in various parts of the world, and for that reason have always had a following of lighthouse enthusiasts. Here you will find pictures, locations, and other details about the history of both modern and ancient lighthouses.

Lighthouse Vacations – For many people a vacation just isn’t the same if it doesn’t involve accommodations at a lighthouse. Above I mentioned that these unique structures have always had people who’ve been highly interested in them and therefore it is no surprise that there is a constant demand for lighthouses that can meet this request. While many lighthouse owners do not cater to such requests, there is a large number that does; and you can find them located in this section of the website.

USA Lighthouses – As mentioned earlier, lighthouses have been of interest to people for more than 1000 years and as of late that popularity is growing at a pretty rapid rate in the United States of America. For that reason, here you will find a category totally dedicated to lighthouses that are within the USA that will allow you to map out exactly where they are so you can deliberately visit them, or at least know what to look for and where to look if you are on a road trip somewhere in the country.

Lighthouse Rentals – Are you looking for a lighthouse rental for a certain event like a wedding, business meeting/outing, or you decide you just want the whole place to yourself? We will be listing various lighthouses from all around the world that are for rent on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis. Keep an eye out for the lighthouses that are situated on an island all by themselves because if you were to rent one of them, you would actually have an island all to yourself. Sound like something you might be interested in?

Lighthouses For Sale – More and more people are expressing interest in purchasing a lighthouse of their own. For those of you who don’t know, buying a lighthouse can be as cheap as a few $1000 USD… so owning one may not be too far out for some. Have you ever imagined that? Having your a lighthouse of your own could be a dream true, but at the same time of course would come with responsibility. Here  in this section you will find both listings and recent sales of lighthouses so you can stay on type of this type of real estate.

In the above listed categories you should be able to find any and everything you are looking for related to lighthouses. With that said, let us be the bridge between you and everything you need and want to know about them. We will have Lighthouse Pictures, locations, maps, and more if it is related to them. You will also be able to find all of the details needed in order for you to decide what exactly you can expect when visiting a specific lighthouse such as the architecture and the date it was built and in some cases remodeled. Lately there has been an increasing number of lighthouses investing with their own resources, or receiving assistance from outside parties to help make sure that the structure itself can withstand the test of time.

Here at the Lighthouse Inn you will also find all the specifics you want to know about the type of cuisine you will be able to find at the lighthouses who offer food and beverages, out door activities like fishing and hiking, tours in and around the lighthouse with all kinds of different sightseeing, art galleries that they may offer, and more. We will also provide you with google maps of the different locations of the lighthouses so you can easily find them, and whatever deals they may offer to us that we can extent to our visitors so they can use them if they decide to go to a specific location we have mentioned here on the website.

If you are every looking for additional details, but they are not listed on the website… PLEASE contact us and make the request to us and we will be sure to do our best to get any additional details you might be looking for.